Residual Income and Your CRM

residual income

The term residual income engenders many positive connotations. It is true that being able to achieve a residual income stream will bring about a steady income stream that keeps on generating cash flow for you after the initial work has been performed. However, a question that often gets overlooked relates to how you’re processing this income. A solid answer to this all-important question is outlined below.

Utilizing the Right CRM for Residual Income

The first and most challenging step is developing the residual income stream. But how will you efficiently manage this incoming cash? We invite you to come browse our tools available to you here. 3 reasons to use our CRM system to manage your residual income are as follows:

  1. Efficiency – When you implement our CRM system, you are able to merge all of your existing systems in one easy-to-use interface. The result of this is a dramatic increase in the efficiency of your operations — and a spike to your bottom line!
  2. eSignature – The ability to sign binding documents digitally allows your company to accept more accounts (increased volume), eliminates applications that are incomplete due to a lack of signature (human error), and uses automation to raise the productivity level of your agents.
  3. Reporting – If you’re stuck using outdated spreadsheets created in Excel that are manually updated to calculate your residual income, fret not! Our Residual Reporting feature provides current reports in minutes, not hours, and you can rest assured that the reporting is correct because the results aren’t endangered by keystroke errors. Our CRM software enables you to view all of your residual income reports on one user-friendly, appealing graphic interface.

The 3 features listed above are by no means all the ways our CRM software can help you in managing your residual income. In order to truly explore all the options and features we can offer you, please contact us today!

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