Residual Income Reporting Issues – Top 4 Improvements

Residual Income Reporting

ISOs are constantly trying to get a more granular understanding of their merchants. With more information, they are able to better manage their portfolios and initiate more compelling marketing campaigns.  Together, these efforts lead to more sales and profits for the ISO. Getting the right info requires sophisticated residual income reporting systems.

Fortunately, there are now new platforms that improve the residual income reporting process dramatically.


Benefits of a Residual Income Reporting Tool

  • New platforms help to manage residuals from almost every payment processor.  That means the ISO will be unconstrained to pick the processor with the lowest fees, best security and highest up-time.
  • Automating residual calculations.  That saves time and effort for the ISO that they would be wasting meticulously entering the numbers using a spreadsheet.
  • Managing an endless amount of “Schedule As” tabs to accurately pay agents.  That helps them build trust in you and keep coming back.
  • Providing a detailed report breaking down revenue by processor, user, group and many more categories.  These are customized to your demands so that you can get the best data for your needs.


IRIS CRM is the leading CRM platform for merchant services.  Its next generation solution helps ISOs optimize their residual income reporting to get the most detail so that they can optimize their business.  For more information contact us.  Our friendly consultants will walk you through our system including the other benefits it can provide your firm.

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