IRIS CRM Residuals Calculations: Reporting and Management

Unlock the power of convenient multi-processor residuals reporting and eliminate time-consuming
and complex manual calculations.

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Your residuals represent the majority of your ISO’s revenues, and your portfolio is the driver of the long-term health and value of your company. But analyzing, managing, and calculating your residuals is also one of the most complex and time-consuming jobs in most ISOs, and the complexity only grows with your business.

IRIS CRM has been specifically designed to eliminate most of the hard and tedious work associated with managing residuals by automating data presentation and residuals calculation – taking care of the complex parts for you so that you can spend more time using the data and less time trying to wrangle it.

The platform provides your ISO with access to all of your residuals data in one place – no matter how many payment processors you’re partnered with. The reporting dashboard is clearly organized, easy to navigate, and highly flexible, enabling you to quickly access the data you need and only the data you need without having to sort or sift through a sea of numbers.

The convenience provided by IRIS CRM’s reporting dashboard is unprecedented, and the positive impacts of the system are organization-wide, from managers with more time to focus on the big picture to happier agents, and beyond.

Features Overview Section

The IRIS CRM residuals reporting suite streamlines all areas of your residual management, calculation and payout.

Just some of the features included in this game-changing tool include:

Centralized Residuals Reporting Centralized Residuals Reporting Say goodbye to accessing and collating residuals data from multiple processor portals.
Automated Residuals Calculation Automated Residuals Calculation Let the system instantly provide you with exact calculations of your ISO Net and Agent net residuals.
Portfolio-Wide Metrics Portfolio-Wide Metrics Easily access the data you need to maintain a clear view of your company's overall residual health.
Merchant-Level Metrics Merchant-Level Metrics Keep a close eye on the performance of individual merchants to maximize your success through theirs.
Flexible Data Presentation Flexible Data Presentation View the data you need in the moment, hassle-free, without distraction or clutter.
Integrated Agent Payments Integrated Agent Payments Send fast and secure ACH Payments to your agents right through the CRM.
Historical Data Import Historical Data Import Easily upload old residuals reports to IRIS CRM to access your historical data through the Reporting dashboard.
Mobile Access to Residuals KPIs Mobile Access to Residuals KPIs Use the new IRIS CRM mobile a to access your key residuals indicators anywhere, anytime.

Complete, Centralized Residuals Reporting

Complete, Centralized Residuals Reporting

Access All of Your Data, from All of Your Processors, in One Convenient Place.

The most successful ISOs work with multiple payment processors to ensure every new merchant has access to the right solution for their unique needs. But working with all those processors can mean major headaches when residual numbers come out each month.

The IRIS CRM residuals reporting suite makes your life easier by automatically pulling your data from each payment processor, analyzing it, and combining it all in a single, easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

With IRIS CRM, you can simply open the reporting suite with a single click and have access to all of your residuals data, from all of your payment processors, on one screen. Data is broken down by processor and clearly laid out, with each processor offering independent summary, detail, and profitability views.

You and your team will never again have to manually access multiple residuals reports or struggle with collating data from multiple processors. IRIS does it all for you, and puts the complete information you need just a click or two away.

Automated Residuals Calculations

Automated Residuals Calculations

Eliminate Headaches and Calculate Payouts with Unparalleled Speed and Accuracy.

Residuals calculations can be complex. That’s especially true for large ISOs working with many payment processors and with a large team of independent agents all on different contracts with different splits. But residuals are the lifeblood of your ISO, and no matter how complex they may be, you can’t afford to get their calculation wrong.

IRIS CRM’s residual reporting suite automatically calculates your ISO’s residuals each month, including the net payments due to each of your agents. That completely eliminates the process of manual residual calculations, saving you a significant amount of time each month. More importantly, it eliminates the human error inherently involved in manual calculations, ensuring your agents’ payouts are accurate to the penny month in and month out.

With IRIS CRM, your managers will spend less time working through dense reporting and calculations and more time handling big picture issues and steering the ship. Your agents will be happier, more motivated, and more loyal. The natural result of both is better overall performance and stronger growth.

Portfolio-Wide Metrics

Portfolio-Wide Metrics

Bring the Big Picture Into Clearer Focus.

Having a clear view of your residuals on the portfolio level enables you to monitor the long-term health of your ISO and ensure that the company’s strategies are panning out and growth is trending upward.

IRIS CRM’s residuals reporting dashboard provides fast, easy access to complete portfolio-wide metrics from all of your payment processors, including:

  • Monthly volume growth in dollars and as a percentage.
  • Monthly revenue growth in dollars and as a percentage.
  • Average profit per merchant in dollars, BPS and as a percentage.
  • Monthly BPS margin growth as a percentage.
  • YTD profit in dollars and BPS. Lifetime profit in dollars and BPS.

The result is that management can quickly and easily access all the relevant data on your ISO’s key growth indicators, wherever and whenever they’re needed. That unparalleled access to useful, deep business intelligence enables better decision making in both the short and long terms, greatly enhancing any ISO’s ability to maximize growth.

Merchant Level Metrics

Merchant Level Metrics

Monitor Your Merchants to Identify Top Performs and Opportunities for Improvement.

Your merchants are the engines that drive your ISO’s residuals, growth, and long-term success. Knowing which are exceeding expectations and which are struggling is key to properly directing resources. But only tracking your residuals at the portfolio-level risks leaving that important data flying under the radar unnoticed.

IRIS CRM ensures you always have complete situational awareness over how each of your merchants is performing by making a full set of merchant-level metrics available through the residuals reporting dashboard, as well as financial data through each merchant’s individual account area within the CRM. Merchant-level metrics included in the residuals reporting suite include:

  • YTD merchant profit in dollars and BPS.
  • Lifetime merchant profit in dollars and BPS.
  • View last 12 months at a glance.

The ability to quickly reference each merchant’s profitability to your ISO ensures that you can keep a close eye on who your top performers are in order to dedicate time and service resources to them appropriately. It also ensures you can identify problem merchants and merchants failing to process enough transactions as early as possible, enabling remedial action to be taken before your ISO loses money in the long-term.

Flexible Data Presentation

Flexible Data Presentation

View the Data You Need, When You Need It, Without Clutter or Distraction.

With a large portfolio, a team of independent agents, and a strong roster of merchants being served across multiple payment processors, there is a lot of data involved with your residuals. So much, in fact, that the sheer volume of data can become a hindrance to good decision making and planning when the right data gets lost in the noise.

IRIS CRM’s residuals reporting suite solves that problem by putting you in full control over what data you view and how it’s presented, all configurable in a matter of a few clicks.

The top-level residuals page shows your current month’s residuals by merchant, neatly separated into separate widgets by payment processor. Data includes each merchant’s transaction volume and sales amount, your income, expenses, net, and BPS %, the split, and the agent’s net. Clicking through to the detail tab provides additional information like MID and return volume. Finally, the profit tab provides complete data on processor-level monthly growth and revenue, and year-to-date and lifetime profit in dollars and BPS.

The Residuals Analytics page provides a series of easy to read graphs providing at-a-glance information on:

  • Profitability analytics
  • Processing-merchants analytics
  • Financial key indicators
  • Top merchants by volume and net income
  • Merchant distribution by geographic states
  • Industry analytics

The dashboard also enables you to view your residuals as individual line items, or to focus solely on residuals with unassigned users or percentages in the exceptions tab.

Integrated Agent Payment Capability

Integrated Agent Payment Capability

Pay Your Agents Faster to Maintain Loyalty and High Morale.

Residual publication is a highly anticipated time by everyone involved with an ISO. Traditionally, agents get their payouts roughly a week after an ISO receives their residuals numbers from the payment processor because it normally takes a significant amount of time to collate the data, calculate the payouts, and issue the payments.

With IRIS CRM, you can significantly cut down the time from publication to payout thanks to the platform’s automatic residual calculations and billing and payment integration. Once your numbers drop, IRIS CRM will provide you with automatic residuals calculations based on each agent’s contract and split percentage. You can then use IRIS CRM’s integrated ACH payment tools to send out your agents’ payments immediately over the ACH network.

The result is happier, highly appreciative agents that know they can depend on prompt, accurate payments every single month – an enormous advantage in attracting the best talent.

Easy Importing of Previous Residual Data

Easy Importing of Previous Residual Data

Integrate Your Historic Residuals to Enable Easier Review.

IRIS CRM enables you to easily upload previous residuals reports using the Residuals Import tool. All you need to do is select the file you wish to import, tell IRIS CRM which time period it’s for and which payment processor it’s from, and the system will then parse the data from the report and make it available in the same sortable, flexible, convenient reporting tools as the rest of your current reporting.

Once you make the switch to IRIS CRM, you’ll never have to worry about manually reviewing your old residuals reports ever again. Just import them to the system and let IRIS CRM do the rest!

Mobile Access to Key Residuals Data

Mobile Access to Key Residuals Data

Access Your Residuals KPIs from Your Smartphone Whenever You Need Them.

The new IRIS CRM mobile app provides your team with convenient access to important residuals data anywhere, anytime, whenever the need may arise. Opening the app’s residuals tab provides an overview of the month’s residuals broken down by each payment processor, including gross sales volume, transaction volume, your ISO’s net residual, and your agents’ total net residuals. Tapping on any payment processor brings up a complete list of all of the merchants you have onboarded to them, with the same data categories available at the processor level, with the addition of the agent split percentage.

In addition to providing fast, convenient access to your key residuals data, the new IRIS CRM mobile app also offers merchant management, a complete set of lead management tools, dialer access, helpdesk ticket management, and more. The app is completely synced with your web-based IRIS CRM system, so your agents can access everything right out of the box, from the first time they open it.

Click here to learn more about the IRIS CRM mobile app – available now for Android and iOS in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

IRIS CRM’s Residuals Reporting Suite Offers the Ultimate in Convenience, Better Business Intelligence, and Unparalleled Residual Calculation Accuracy.
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