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Rethinking How We Measure Productivity

The Mission Newsletter, 11/9/18

“It couldn’t last. Everyone was just killing time. But if all they did was kill time, time would end up killing them.” ―Michael Grant

Fresh Out of the Oven…

Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s the Key to Being More Productive According to Neuroscience.

“Instead of blindly executing one task after another as it appeared in my inbox, I would regularly ask myself a crucial question: what are the total rewards I expect in return for the total time I’ll spend to get them?

When I came to measure productivity in this way, it became immediately apparent that not all activities were created equal. Indeed, there were two kinds of activities which, when I considered return on effort, differed considerably: maintenance and growth.”

40 Things I Wish I’d Known About Building A Career in The Arts

“There’s no license, certification, or advanced degree that qualifies you or permits you to express your creative desires. You are voluntarily signing up for a life in which nothing is guaranteed, and anything is possible, a life in which impossible dreams might become a reality, and ambitious aspirations might never materialize. For this reason, building a career in the arts is in and of itself a form of art.”

How To Recruit And Retain A Team That’s More Qualified Than You

“Recruiting is hard, even for hugely profitable companies whose offices look like MTV Cribs mansions and who offer free perks like multi-course lunches, yoga, and all-hands happy hours.

For startups, it’s even harder. You have to make your first hires pre-traction, pre-revenue, maybe even pre-product — and definitely ‘pre-perks.’ How are you supposed to compete for the best talent?”

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News That Matters:

A long-term study shows that multitaskers have reduced memory. 🧠

When you fell like quitting, just do five more. Learn why the “Five More” rule can get you over the hump and boost your productivity.

Where the ladies at? Scott is shining a light on women athletes in new marketing videos.

Bored? Well, here are tiny drones lifting heavy things. 😎

A new route to wealth puts the focus on pensions and property over jobs.

#FunFactFriday: The process by which bread toasts is called the Maillard Reaction. 🍞

Big Tech and American Society sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

A Discussion About Elections, Markets, Culture, and Cities

Join the New York Times at UCLA this coming Tuesday for a discussion about Big Tech in Our Lives: Elections, Markets, Culture, Cities.

Columnist Farhad Manjoo and other Times journalists will have an open conversation about the uneasy marriage between big technology and American society. With the ubiquity of tech in our day-to-day lives, we see both social progress and significant discontent. So, what lies ahead?

Find out on November 13th from 7–8:30pm at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center. Get info about tickets here. And be sure to use code “MISSION” to receive a discount!

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