Sell Faster, Sell Smarter & Grow Your Portfolio with IRIS CRM

Sell Faster Sell Smarter

CRMs make their fair share of big promises to those working in sales and customer support. This is understandably so when considering the level of competition many are up against. It’s the biggest software market in the world with continued growth that’s expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2020.

As a business, it takes time to really feel out the options set out in front of you. The kind of time that many teams — especially those working in the payment services industry — don’t readily have to give.

Payment processing is continuously evolving. And businesses need to keep up with shifting and selling to new customer demands, while simultaneously maintaining the same level of service their current merchants have come to expect.

Making the upfront investment in research and implementation when choosing the right CRM for your business is critical to your team’s long-term success. Here’s why you can expect to sell faster, sell smarter, and grow your portfolio with IRIS CRM.

Increase Agent Productivity

For many salespeople, increasing their level of overall productivity comes down to eliminating busy work. In order to sell higher quality accounts (or simply more), they need to simplify administrative tasks — taking back more hours in the day to focus on higher-level to-dos.

On the lead management side, IRIS CRM helps agents automate various aspects throughout the sales cycle. They can pre-populate merchant agreements with information from tracked leads and set up notifications that alert the team as deals transition.

Electronic signature capabilities also help streamline sales and customer interactions. Your sales reps can e-sign new accounts from around the world and no longer have to wait on lengthy delays caused by incomplete forms.

Improve Lead Quality

To sell higher quality deals, sales teams need higher quality leads. This results from having a clear understanding of customer needs and personalizing sales tactics to meet them head-on.

With visitor tracking from IRIS CRM, agents can make this more of a reality. They can monitor what website visitors are clicking on and engaging with. In time, this information can be put to use in better timed and increasingly effective outreached tailored to each potential prospect’s interests.

Put Your Data to Use

There’s no shortage of data available to sales teams today. It’s knowing how to put it to use that’s the real struggle.

The convenience of the IRIS CRM sales metric dashboard makes it possible for teams to consistently monitor the numbers most important to them, in addition to learning from them. From sales to the number of emails sent, teams can easily identify their most active reps and make informed decisions accordingly.

Integration With Over 1,500 Web Apps

Sometimes it’s unrealistic to think one single tool can do everything. And that’s why partnering with highly integrative software is important for sales teams, especially as they continue to grow.

IRIS is a merchant service CRM that connects your team with over 1,500 web apps including Mircosoft Office 365, Google Docs, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and more recently Zapier! Connecting your CRM to a variety of third-party apps allows you to automate tasks and avoid having to spend time manually updating multiple platforms.

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