Send Agent Residual Payments Through IRIS CRM With Paya (Sage EFT)

Send Agent Residual Payments Through IRIS CRM With Paya (Sage EFT)

Did you know that you can make residual payments to your users right from the Residuals page in IRIS CRM?


All you need to do is enable the Paya ACH (formerly Sage EFT) integration in a few easy steps and voilà — you can now send payouts to your agents in just a few clicks!


Details of each transaction are saved in the Sage ACH History log which you can always access from your IRIS CRM Administration page.


By using the Paya ACH integration you can streamline your agent payout process and keep the payout information in a single centralized location!


Here is how to use this simple yet powerful feature.


Enabling The Paya ACH Integration And Setting Up ACH Profiles


In order to start using the agent payout feature, you will first need to enable the Paya ACH integration on your IRIS CRM site.

The process is pretty straight-forward and it takes only a few steps as described in our Paya ACH Integration Guide.


After you’ve enabled your Paya ACH integration, you will need to create a Sage ACH Profile for each user to whom payments will be sent.

Open the Manage ACH Profile page via the Manage > Administration > Residuals > Sage ACH Profiles menu, click Add New Profile, and configure your new ACH profile in the popup window which appears:



When finished, click Add to save the profile.

The ACH profiles that you create are listed on the Manage ACH Profiles page and you may always edit the profiles there (or disable them if needed):



You may also send payments from the Manage ACH Profiles page.

Simply select the Pay checkbox for the user(s) that you wish to send the payment to, click Review Transactions:



On the next page which opens, review and edit the transaction(s), click Confirm Transactions, and your payment(s) will be sent:



Tip: If you’ve selected multiple users to send payments to, you can use the Ignore checkbox in order to ignore specific users on the list (if you decide not to send payments to them).

Then after you click Confirm Transactions, the payments will be sent only to those users that have not been checked in the Ignore column.



Sending Payments From The Residuals Page


To send a payment from the Residuals page, select the Summary View, and select the Pay checkbox for the user(s) that you wish to send payments to:



On the next page, review and edit your payments as needed, and click Confirm Transactions:




Viewing Your Payment History


To view your payment history, open the ACH History page via the Manage > Administration > Residuals > Sage ACH History menu:



The ACH History page displays the Confirmed Transactions, Transaction History, and the Transaction Statistics report.

The Confirmed Transactions report shows a list of transactions that have been confirmed as processed, while the Transaction History report shows the transactions that are still pending confirmation.

You can use the Transaction Statistics report to view a summary of credits and debits made for each ACH profile.

Each report may be filtered further by using the filters shown just above the report tables.


Before we wrap it up, we have one more tip for you!


While the Paya ACH integration is typically used to send payments, you may even use this feature to collect payments!

Simply start a new transaction from the Manage ACH Profile page just as if you’re sending a payment. Then select Collection instead of Payment in the Type column and confirm your transaction (all other steps stay the same as with payment transactions):



Check back soon for more exciting updates and news — things are never quiet at IRIS CRM!



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