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Signs You’re Onto Something Big

The Mission Newsletter, 5/29/18

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 7 (Dangerous?!) Signs That You’re Onto Something Big

Episode 21 of The Mission Daily

How do you know when you’re onto something BIG?

In Part I of this two-part episode, we’re covering the first 3 (of 7) signs and guideposts you can look for in order to measure how good an idea is…

These two episodes will help you judge your ideas, as well as proactively protect yourself as you bring them forth in the world. Science, education, and culture give us plenty of ways to analyze our ideas, but these two episodes offer a new perspective. Enjoy!

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” –Albert Einstein

Listen to Episode 21: Pt. 1 — The 7 (Dangerous?!) Signs That You’re Onto Something Big

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From the Archives

Episode 12, Season 2 of The Story Podcast

This is The Story of a woman who stopped giving fish to people. Instead, she started teaching people how to fish and blazed a trail for others to follow.

Listen to Episode 12: A New Direction

News That Matters


Another reason not to skip leg day…

Frontiers in Neuroscience recently published a study that states that your nervous system can be adversely affected by a lack of leg exercise. Working those large muscles — we see you, quads and calf muscles! — brings crucial oxygen to the brain and helps maintain certain genes necessary for producing energy.

Because of how much impact your legs have on the brain, the results of the research (more of which can be found here) have the potential to change the way scientists and doctors look at and treat devastating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and even have an impact on the way astronauts train and exercise in space.


Traditional TV took another hit recently when Netflix surpassed Comcast and Disney in overall valuation.

The streaming service overtook the Comcast on Wednesday of last week on the S&P 500 boards, reaching a valuation of $149 billion — a cool two billion more than Comcast. Then, on Thursday, the House of Mouse dropped below the big red machine when Netflix topped out a $153 billion. Disney recovered, though and finished above Netflix in the markets, but the competition for the streaming giant — as well as other non-traditional and streaming services — continues to be a trend as more and more people ditch their cable providers.

Learn more here.


In Mexico, one of the oldest men in the world, 121-year-old Manuel Garcia Hernandez, has given his advice on living a long life: keep working.

“He says he only has two regrets in his very long life: losing his father at a young age, and the fact he can no longer work.

‘I’m happy, but I do feel tired. I’m making an effort, because if I just lay in bed or sat in a chair all day, then I would get sick,’ said Garcia….

He said he hopes to live to 125.

The keys to a long life, he said, are sleeping well, waking up early, eating healthy, taking vitamins and work.”

More from Garcia here.

Tech Trends

A U.S. commercial spaceflight company, Rocket Lab, has set dates for their first attempt at launching a commercial aircraft out of Earth’s orbit.

“Rocket Lab’s goal is to be a dedicated launcher of small satellites. That’s why its primary rocket isn’t very big. The Electron stands at just 55 feet tall and is capable of putting between 330 and 500 pounds of cargo into low Earth orbit. In comparison, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is 230 feet tall and can put 50,000 pounds into the same orbit. Rocket Lab’s idea is to capitalize on the small satellite revolution, in which manufacturers are making spacecraft smaller and faster than ever before. To that end, Rocket Lab also hopes to be able to get satellites into orbit as quickly as possible, eventually getting to a point where the company can launch every 72 hours.”

The mission is called “It’s Business Time,” and the commercial ship will attempt to carry and deposit five satellites into Earth’s orbit. More about the ambitious launch here.

Marketing Trends

All sales final…

Maybe not yet, but possibly soon? Amazon has been banning customers for abusing their free returns policy. Although only about one percent of Amazon users have been abusing the policy, the company is standing by its decision to rid the site of what they call “fraudulent returns.”

The move fits into a trend that picked up news coverage when outdoor retailer L.L. Bean changed their lifetime returns policy to combat what they saw as an abuse of the policy.

“The bottom line is that fraudulent returns negatively impact a company’s profits. The choice is to raise prices to build in the cost of these abusive customers, or to go after the customers who are causing the problem. Companies like Amazon and L.L. Bean had to make a change. Yes, they are very customer-focused, so they spent much time considering the best option. They get what it takes to keep their good customers, and want to continue to do right by them.”

To learn more, check here.

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The Best of What We Are Watching

Solo: A Star Wars Story hit the theaters this weekend! Despite it being named by multiple media outlets as ‘one of the most anticipated films of the summer’, its performance at the box office has been very underwhelming:

“Solo didn’t just come in a little rough around the edges at the box office. The latest Star Wars spin-off opened to only an estimated $101 million in ticket sales across a four-day holiday weekend. That’s not only a lower opening weekend earner than the three previous Disney Star Wars films but also softer in terms of the number of tickets sold compared to the three prequels (yes, even Attack of the Clones!).” –Entertainment Weekly

Although it hasn’t performed nearly as well as expected, as die-hard Star Wars fans, we still highly recommend you give Solo a big-screen viewing. 🍿 🍿

Watch the trailer here.

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