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Solving the Global Housing Crisis

The Mission Newsletter, 10/23/18

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” — George S. Patton

Where do you put 3 million people every week?

The man looked over the valley he declared that this was the right place to build their city.

It was the middle of the desert. The nearest city was more than a thousand miles away. The only indication that there might be some life in the area was the giant lake on the horizon, but it was too salty to support anything other than a few shrimp.

The man looked around at his people and the barren landscape. Fear ran through his head. He knew that 70,000 migrants would soon be arriving and that they would all needed a place to live. To the small group of weary travelers, this would be the founding of a new home.

In this case, one man, built and grew an incredibly successful city. The city with the salty lake is, of course, Salt Lake City, and today it is thriving, with a metro area of more than 1.2 million residents.

As tough as Brigham Young’s challenge was, it is nothing compared to what we face today. We are in the middle of a crisis that needs to be solved. Brigham had to build a city, housing, and government for 70,000 people. In order to meet the demands of the global housing crisis, we need to produce more than 70,000 houses… every single day.

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