Support For Multiple Templates And Amex Pricing Added To The Proposal Generator

Support For Multiple Templates And Amex Pricing Added To The Proposal Generator

Two new enhancements have been added to our Proposal Generator by popular demand.

These two features will help your ISO increase brand awareness and also increase the accuracy of the quotes being generated:

  1. Support for populating Multiple Proposal Templates.
  2. Support for the American Express OptBlue card type.

Multiple Proposal Templates

Uploading multiple templates to support a variety of merchant scenarios is now only limited by your imagination.

Whether it is selling to different industries or wanting to present quotes with more, or less detail, it is now possible with just a few clicks.

ISOs, with their sub-ISOs and partners, are now able to create individually branded proposals to really stand out from the pack!

To upload new Proposal Templates, click on Manage > Administration > Manage Proposal Generator Templates > + Add New Template.

Upload an “.RTF” template, and assign permissions of who should have access to this particular template:


From the Proposal Preview, choose which template you would like to populate from the dropdown:

Merchant services proposal generator.

American Express OptBlue Pricing Comparison

American Express now has its very own pricing section.  Supported pricing plans include:

  • Tiered to Tiered
  • Tiered to Interchange
  • Interchange to Interchange
  • Flat Rate to Flat Rate

Pricing plan options are flexible and function independently of Visa/MC/Discover:


New fields have been added for ultimate flexibility:

  • Discount Rate
  • Network Fee
  • Processor Fee
  • CNP Surcharge
  • International Surcharge
  • Transaction Fee

Effective Rate Calculator


With IRIS CRM, the days of looking up rate charts have come to an end.  Rate looks ups are quick and easy.

Enter the industry of your merchant:


IRIS CRM will look up the SIC code and display the cost associated with that SIC:


When creating a quote for a merchant that is on Tiered or Flat Pricing with American Express, IRIS CRM will calculate the effective rate:

Take the guess out of OptBlue pricing.


IRIS CRM has officially taken all the guesswork out of proposals!

Your sales agents will thank you for how quickly they can generate more accurate proposals.

To learn more about the core proposal generator and how to use it in detail, check out our featured functionality post.


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