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Featured Article NMI Acquires IRIS CRM, Expanding Deeper in the Commerce Value-Chain

To meet increased demand for full commerce enablement solutions, NMI and IRIS CRM’s joint offerings better enable ISO, ISV, bank and fintech partners SCHAUMBURG, IL – JANUARY 18, 2022 – NMI, a leading full commerce enablement technology company, today announced it has acquired IRIS CRM, a premier merchant services CRM and comprehensive merchant management platform […]

IRIS CRM’s Top ISO Sales Tools IRIS CRM’s Top ISO Sales Tools
Read MoreIRIS CRM’s Top ISO Sales Tools

Payment processing is an extremely competitive industry, and independent sales organizations (ISOs) and payment facilitators (PayFacs) that want to grow and thrive need to find ways to work smarter and outcompete the field. Building a tighter, more efficient sales process from the top of the funnel on down is one of the best ways to […]

Unassign User With Status Age Trigger Unassign User With Status Age Trigger
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A new lead comes in and is automatically assigned to a rep to start working. One day passes… then another… a full week goes by and the lead’s status still hasn’t changed. IRIS CRM allows you to automatically assign another user to work the lead, however, the initial user remains assigned – until now! Automatically […]

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