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Featured Article NMI Acquires IRIS CRM, Expanding Deeper in the Commerce Value-Chain

To meet increased demand for full commerce enablement solutions, NMI and IRIS CRM’s joint offerings better enable ISO, ISV, bank and fintech partners SCHAUMBURG, IL – JANUARY 18, 2022 – NMI, a leading full commerce enablement technology company, today announced it has acquired IRIS CRM, a premier merchant services CRM and comprehensive merchant management platform […]

FinTech Can FinTech Save the World?
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Fintech gets a bad rap The disruption that fintech has caused in the market often gets a bad rap. Critics point to Amazon for disrupting everything from booksellers to the record industry. Uber is viciously targeted by Taxi-cab unions for disrupting their livelihoods. Fin Tech also gets its share of blame from disrupting the banking industry. However, the industry […]

FinTech What Everyone Needs to Know About FinTech
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Hypothetically speaking, it is early on a Monday morning, and a banker in Thailand just woke up with another headache. It was like having had his worst nightmare—but for real! The fintech digerati had gone from nibbling at his assets to eating them up in great bytes! What is Fintech? The term, fintech, a contraction for […]

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