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Featured Article NMI Acquires IRIS CRM, Expanding Deeper in the Commerce Value-Chain

To meet increased demand for full commerce enablement solutions, NMI and IRIS CRM’s joint offerings better enable ISO, ISV, bank and fintech partners SCHAUMBURG, IL – JANUARY 18, 2022 – NMI, a leading full commerce enablement technology company, today announced it has acquired IRIS CRM, a premier merchant services CRM and comprehensive merchant management platform […]

Business Sales Improvement How Can IRIS CRM Help Your Business?
Read MoreHow Can IRIS CRM Help Your Business?

Your business is operating. Merchants appear to be happy. You’re bringing in steady revenue every month.   All of the above may be true for many companies in the payment industry. They’re keeping operations afloat with few red flags and functioning processes within each individual department. Growth is minimal but the basic needs of customers […]

Sell Faster Sell Smarter Top 3 Merchant Services CRM Sales Tips
Read MoreTop 3 Merchant Services CRM Sales Tips

The salesmanship of your business means the difference between viability and stagnation. Here are three sales tips from the IRIS Merchant Services CRM team. Cross-Reference Marketing and Sales Marketing and sales always seem at odds with each other. In order to work most effectively, the marketing team must create content based on the real-world experience […]

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