Merchant Data Sharing
Featured Article New Feature: Merchant Data Sharing

Have you ever needed to transfer one or merchants from another IRIS CRM site to your site to support your merchants through a single source? IRIS CRM’s  Merchant Data Sharing feature is here to deliver client-to-client transfers quickly and securely without requiring IT resources to set up and maintain these data transfers.   ISOs with […]

IRIS CRM Zap What is Zapier? How This Revolutionary New Technology is Taking IRIS CRM to the Next Level

Zapier has quietly been revolutionizing the way businesses design their workflows since the company’s launch in 2011, but, while the popularity of the service has been skyrocketing in recent years, it’s still not as well known as it deserves to be. So, what is Zapier? Simply put, it’s a platform that offers the ability to […]

2019 IRIS CRM 2019 Released Features

If you’re familiar with IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management platform, then you know we never stop improving and adding features, and 2019 was another big year! Our development team added a lot of exciting new features to the CRM in response to the needs of our valued customers, ranging from improvements […]

Get IRIS CRM API Integration Documentation for Fiserv First Data, TSYS, WorldPay, and Vantiv ISOs Get IRIS CRM API Integration Documentation for Fiserv First Data, TSYS, WorldPay, and Vantiv ISOs

IRIS CRM is the leading customer resource management software in the payments industry thanks to its robust set of productivity, sales, and administration features designed specifically with the needs of independent sales organizations, merchants, and other financial institutions in mind. But IRIS CRM’s functionality doesn’t stop with the CRM itself, because IRIS CRM’s open application […]

Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting Client eMerchantView Shutdown Leads IRIS CRM To Integrate AccessOne Reporting

At IRIS CRM, we’re constantly looking for new integrations to add to our customer resource management platform to improve its functionality and the value it provides to our valued users. In late-July 2016, First Data, one of the world’s leading merchant services providers, retired their eMerchantView reporting product. That retirement gave IRIS CRM the chance […]

IRIS CRM Zapier IRIS CRM Services and Pricing Explained

If your sales team makes up part of the 44% of salespeople still using spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data and pricing, it’s time to reevaluate. Especially in the payments processing industry, where competition is high and deals move fast, you can’t afford informality as far as your customers are concerned. The global […]

IRIS CRM Zapier How to Use Zapier for Your Merchant Services Business

You may already be familiar with the variety of tools and services IRIS CRM integrates with. But if you haven’t checked in recently, you’ve likely missed out on some pretty big additions to the lineup. One such addition we’ve made available to our customers as of this year is Zapier. In this article, we’ll show […]

IRIS Dialer A Closer Look At The IRIS Dialer

Whether you’re a team of tens or hundreds, supporting your merchant base with quality customer service is crucial to the long-term success of any business in the payment industry. It’s just as crucial, in fact, as an effective sales team.   Those in sales and customer service tend to possess many of the same qualities. […]

Merchant Boarding Merchant Boarding Made Effortless With TurboApp

Growing your business is as much about everything that comes after a sale as it is the sale itself.   You can close deal after deal and add up the potential resulting revenue. But if you can’t make good on said deals and build a strong relationship with merchants from the start, you won’t reap […]

PCI Compliance What is PCI Compliance?

In the highly connected world we live in, data security has become an increasingly important aspect of business management. Especially for merchants swiping and storing their fair share of customer credit card information.   Beyond that, securing payments has become a requirement. Launched in 2006, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has made it […]

CRM Why IRIS CRM is Different

The world of payment processing is changing. Evolving technologies are putting more power — and expectations — in the hands of merchants looking to keep up. Small companies are looking to learn from big data, an increasing number of storefronts are moving towards accepting chip cards, and the need for payment security is at an […]

IRIS CRM Receives PCI Version 3.2 Certification IRIS CRM Receives PCI Version 3.2 Certification

IRIS CRM is pleased to announce it has updated its PCI certification to version 3.2. Integrated Reporting is Simple (IRIS CRM) is pleased to announce that they are now PCI version 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. The PCI Compliance is the highest level of security in the electronic payments industry, and businesses […]

IRIS CRM to Exhibit at the NEAA 2017 in Boston IRIS CRM to Exhibit at the NEAA 2017 in Boston

We are pleased and excited to announce that IRIS CRM will once again be exhibiting at the Northeast Acquirers Association’s (NEAA) annual gathering. The NEAA 2017 will be held from January 31st to February 1st at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel located in Boston’s scenic and recently redeveloped Seaport District. Now in its 32nd year, […]

residual income calculation Processor Boarding Integration Refresher

IRIS CRM can streamline boarding for multiple processors including: First Data Vantiv Priority (TSYS/Cynergy platform) Pivotal (TSYS USA platform) iPayment   An ISO with these relationships can submit a merchant to any of these processors from their IRIS site.  No need to log into the different processor tools and re-key everything they have already collected. IRIS […]

AccessOne Integration IRIS CRM Now Integrated with AccessOne!

Integrated Reporting is Simple (IRIS CRM) is proud to announce our merchant services CRM system is now integrated with First Data’s AccessOne solution. IRIS enables automatic boarding of merchants through TurboApp, as well as the ability to view transactions and other account information for merchants placed with First Data and other networks. IRIS integration’s provide additional value for our client base, […]

Merchant Services CRM IRIS CRM is Ahead of the Curve on Demonstrating Social ROI

Merchant Services CRM   MarTech Advisor posted an article that marketers should work with the CRM team of their organization to measure social ROI. A particularly strong recommendation they make states, “Another way to prove social marketing value (a path less explored) is to analyze the impact of ‘persona’, behavioral, and stratification data on CRM campaigns and […]

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