Featured Article NMI Acquires IRIS CRM, Expanding Deeper in the Commerce Value-Chain

To meet increased demand for full commerce enablement solutions, NMI and IRIS CRM’s joint offerings better enable ISO, ISV, bank and fintech partners SCHAUMBURG, IL – JANUARY 18, 2022 – NMI, a leading full commerce enablement technology company, today announced it has acquired IRIS CRM, a premier merchant services CRM and comprehensive merchant management platform […]

What are Payment Service Providers? What are Payment Service Providers?
Read MoreWhat are Payment Service Providers?

Payment service providers are companies that provide the infrastructure, service, and support systems merchants need to accept credit card payments, both in-store and online. The payments environment as a whole can be a bit complicated, but it helps to think of payment service providers as a pyramid, with a small number of acquiring banks at […]

Payments 101: What is an ISO? Payments 101: What is an ISO?
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ISO stands for independent sales organization – a type of company that plays an extremely important role in the payment processing ecosystem. In essence, ISOs are liaisons between merchants and payment processors who resell services on behalf of one or more partners in exchange for a small piece of the revenue from processed transactions.  ISOs […]

Smarter ISO Merchant Acquisition Smarter ISO Merchant Acquisition
Read MoreSmarter ISO Merchant Acquisition

An ISO’s profitability depends on having a large portfolio of top-quality merchants. Acquiring those merchants is no easy task in an industry as competitive as payments, making it extremely important that ISOs look for any advantage they can get. Customer resource management systems represent a powerful and cost-effective way for ISOs to gain that all-important […]

ISO Agents: Selling Merchant Services Independently ISO Agents: Selling Merchant Services Independently
Read MoreISO Agents: Selling Merchant Services Independently

Payment processing is a lucrative industry with opportunities abound and good money to be made at all levels of involvement. The entry point for many people looking to earn a slice of the payments pie is merchant service sales as an independent agent. Independent agents play an important role in assisting the larger players in […]

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