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IRIS CRM is Now Integrated with NMI for Gateway Merchant Onboarding
Featured Article New Integration: IRIS CRM Releases Direct Boarding To NMI Gateway

We’re excited to announce the release of IRIS CRM’s NMI Gateway Boarding Integration! NMI is a leading unified commerce enablement platform that enables ISOs to add additional value for their merchants and serves as a private label payment gateway that provides many additional cutting-edge features to create new revenue. The latest capability of boarding merchants […]

Merchant Data Sharing The Importance of Merchant Data Sharing: Why Your ISO Needs Frictionless Sharing Capability

Customer resource management platforms are mission-critical software tools that include a wide variety of sales, productivity, and reporting features. And while CRMs are all about cross-organization integration and centralized control of your company’s tasks, one thing they traditionally aren’t good at is talking to each other. That’s a problem for ISOs that need to move […]

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