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Featured Article NMI Acquires IRIS CRM, Expanding Deeper in the Commerce Value-Chain

To meet increased demand for full commerce enablement solutions, NMI and IRIS CRM’s joint offerings better enable ISO, ISV, bank and fintech partners SCHAUMBURG, IL – JANUARY 18, 2022 – NMI, a leading full commerce enablement technology company, today announced it has acquired IRIS CRM, a premier merchant services CRM and comprehensive merchant management platform […]

Residuals Reporting Why Residual Calculations Are Important
Read MoreWhy Residual Calculations Are Important

People that work in sales do residual calculations for a variety of reasons. There’s the thrill of the chase — of moving contacts through the sales funnel, from prospect to closed deal. Then there are the fast-paced days that are always changing and challenging agents to think on their feet. All of these factors play […]

Residual income How to Tell if Your Residual Income Reporting is Accurate
Read MoreHow to Tell if Your Residual Income Reporting is Accurate

One of the most important aspects of doing business to an ISO is residual income reporting. Without accurate payments, ISOs do not have the discretionary income to budget and plan their business well. As a result, they can not scale and grow efficiently. Residual Income reporting must be clear with limited surprises and tune ups. For all parties […]

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