User Terms and Conditions - Summary

Here is a summary of the key parts of our terms and conditions. This is not a substitute for the full terms and conditions of IRIS.

  1. Live Comprehensive Electronic Reporting. IRIS Provides electronic reporting services to the Client. This means access to a full ecosystem of reporting, tracking and CRM tools for everyone on the Client's team. Everyone from owner, to manager and all the way down to front-line sales person is always working. IRIS integrates data from processors that Client sells for, together with data input by the Client and its agents to form a unified live and constantly updated treasure-trove of business information. Clients that sell across multiple channels can integrate all of their reporting into the single IRIS portal. Woohoo!
  2. TuboApp. For compatible processors, IRIS’ TurboApp allows Client agents to complete and submit applications through the electronic application. The application submission process is secure and provides necessary consents and notices to all concerned. In other words, the merchant will have to see what they are accepting before they accept it, as required by processors.
  3. E-Signature. With IRIS, All paper documents can be easily converted into electronic forms, complete with secure signature blocks, archiving and distribution.
  4. Subscription Management. Clients can control access to IRIS by any number of levels of agents and sub-agents, each with specifically tailored permissions.
  5. Security. IRIS undertakes to maintain the security of its systems, recognizing that Client portfolio and agent data are the key assets of an Client business. Client is also required to maintain its own SSL certificate in order to access the IRIS servers, and take responsibility for use of IRIS by its users.
  6. Non-Solicitation. Client retains full and exclusive legal title in its information stored in IRIS. IRIS promises to never solicit Client merchants by using Client’s data. IRIS does maintain the right to use anonymized Client data in order to produce statistics that could be of value to Client and IRIS.
  7. Representations and Warranties. The Client must represent to IRIS that it is using IRIS for legitimate and lawful purposes. Client agrees not to use IRIS for the purpose which may breach its contractual or other legal obligations to the Client's processor.
  8. Limitation of Liability. IRIS promises not to use Client information for the purpose of soliciting merchants. IRIS also limits its own liability under the terms with the Client.
  9. Indemnification. Client has to indemnify IRIS and other Clients for breaches or misuse of IRIS.
  10. Term. The term of the agreement between IRIS and Client depends on the subscription term purchased by the Client. Each party can terminate for uncured breach by the other. IRIS reserves the right to terminate without cause.
  11. General. The terms contain other standard clauses, such as notice, governing law, limitation on assignment by Client, severability and survival clauses.