The Benefits of Payment Integration with Customer Resource Management Tools like IRIS CRM

Customer Resource Management Payments

Customer resource management tools provide a wide variety of productivity and sales benefits for companies in all industries, and one area where advanced CRM tools like IRIS CRM really shine is in facilitating payments. IRIS CRM features a full billing and payments suite that enables users to take electronic payments right through the CRM. That streamlined payment integration provides significant utility to both your staff and your customers and makes accepting electronic payments faster and easier than ever. 


Make it Easier for Your Team to Close Quickly

Cold calling and telemarketing are a huge part of the marketing and sales process, and the ability to take payments directly through your CRM represents a huge advantage for your sales team and agents. The telephone sales process roughly approximates the in-person sales process, except the prospect on the other end of the line is often not as patient as a prospect sitting with a salesperson one on one. That means once a prospect is ready to sign-on, it’s imperative to get the deal done as quickly as possible. The built-in payment processing in IRIS CRM enables your team to take secure credit card and ACH payments over the phone, right then and there. The result is faster, more frequent closes, boosted revenues, and happier sales staff. 


Provide Your Customers with the Convenience They Demand

In today’s digital world, speed and convenience are everything, and failure to offer both to your prospects is a surefire way to leave a bad taste in their mouths at best, and potentially lose out on sales at worst. One area in which everyone now expects maximum convenience is payments. It’s imperative that all businesses, including yours, offer the widest array of payment methods possible to ensure every client has the opportunity to pay how, when, and where they want to. The payments suite built into IRIS CRM enables you to provide your clients with secure credit card and ACH/e-check payments online through your website, over the phone with your sales team, and even in-person if you decide to utilize IRIS CRM’s EMV-compliant payment terminals. 


Accept All Major Credit Cards and ACH Payments

IRIS CRM’s electronic payment suite enables you to accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX – all right from within the CRM thanks to seamless integration with Authorize.NET. You can also accept ACH and e-check payments via the PAYA network, making IRIS CRM one of the most flexible electronic payments CRM tools on the market. Integrating your merchant account couldn’t be easier, and IRIC CRM also enables you to send out custom bills and invoices, ensuring faster payments, reduced receivables, and healthier cashflow. 

In addition to billing and payments, IRIS CRM revolutionizes the entire sales and customer management process, from lead management to merchant boarding, to reporting and analytics, and beyond. For more information on IRIS CRM’s billing and payment suite and its full list of industry-leading features, visit today and sign up for a free demonstration.

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