The Best Payment Processing CRM For Your Merchant Services Business

Payment Processing CRM

It’s no surprise that non-cash payments are on the rise. Customer shopping habits have shifted with the rise of e-commerce, forcing businesses to shift their own payment processing systems alongside them.

In 2015 alone, consumers made 117.5 billion payments using non-cash payments with that number surely to continue increasing as payment processing evolves worldwide. Some countries, like Sweden, are even predicted to become entirely cashless by the year 2023.

As a merchant services provider, more and more businesses will turn to you for secure and easy-to-use payment processing. The thing is, you’re not alone in this industry. To stand out in providing customers with solutions that sell over the competition, you need to optimize back-end operations.

This starts with enlisting the help of customer management tools you can count on. Here’s what makes IRIS CRM the best payment processing CRM for your merchant services business.


Quickly Board New Merchants

When you close the deal on new customers, the real work begins. Merchants may have signed on the dotted line, but it’s up to your operations team to keep them believing that the decision they made in partnering with your business was the right one.

This starts during the boarding process. You want it to be smooth, streamlined, and efficient with few bumps in the road as possible. This keeps trust on behalf of new merchants at a high and ensures that the relationship starts off on the right foot.

TurboApp is IRIS CRM’s merchant boarding system. It centralizes the entire process on one platform, allowing you to easily integrate with popular payment processing software such as Vantiv, iPayment, TSYS, and Pivotal. With data automatically synced, you can avoid costly manual data entry errors and increase your team’s workload by at least 500%.


Easily Process and Track Payments

Once new merchants are boarded, you’ll need a way to keep tabs on their activity. This keeps your reliability among customers at a high knowing that they can depend on your team for fast reporting and quality ongoing service as potential issues arise.

Using IRIS CRM, transaction reporting is made seamless thanks to our wide variety of integrative capabilities. The data you need across every merchant is centralized in a single dashboard — allowing you to set up automatic smart reports and notifications as needed.

You can also pull reports around retrievals and chargebacks with our dispute reporting functionality. This helps you, help merchants — setting the stage for lower attrition and more profitable customer relationships over time.


Give Merchants Insight Into Their Accounts

Building trust as a merchant services provider means giving your customers peace of mind through visibility. Outside of quality customer service, having a way to easily access their own account information increases merchant stickiness.

IRIS CRM provides you with this capability through white-labeled merchant portals. This allows you to keep your brand present and consistent, while also providing account management tools specific to every merchant in your system. During the onboarding process, automatic enrollment invites are all you need to get new approved merchants set up on their own portals.

Enlist the help of a payment processing CRM you can rely on to best serve your merchants at every stage of the relationship. Learn more during your free IRIS CRM demo!

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