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The Best Way to Combat Inaction

The Mission Newsletter, 5/21/18

“I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.” -Laurie Halse Anderson

The One Self Help Tip That Rules Them All

Episode 15 of The Mission Daily

Finding it hard to take action?

Totally normal!

We’re all, “cognitive misers”, and although this trait helped us in the caveman days, it may not be helping us now. What if the best way to combat this inaction is by acting fast… in 5 seconds or less?

In today’s episode, we dive into our favorite parts of The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

“Most of us don’t even realize how often we hesitate because we’ve done it so often that it’s become a habit.” ― Mel Robbins

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From the Archives

The Seventh Principle of Accelerated Learning: Habits

In this episode of The Mission Daily, we dive into the habit that will make you rich in life.


Woah! Take it easy. We’re sorry for teasing you… THE habit is: Developing a personal plan for how you will use and adopt new technologies.

Wait. That’s it?

Yes and no. It’s a bit more complicated than it sounds…

Listen to Episode 7: The Habit That Will Make You Rich

News That Matters


You don’t want to be the weakest link, do you?

That’s one reason a new study says that people who exercise in groups are often more successful in achieving their health goals and experiencing better workouts.

In addition to the psychological effect working out in a group provides (known as the Kohler Effect), those who exercised in groups or with partners in plain view were able to push themselves more in terms of the amount of reps they could do, and tolerate higher rates of pain.

Research and results here.

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In a move to try and create more disparity in the grocery pricing market, Whole Foods debuted a loyalty program for Amazon Prime users in Florida, which gives those customers a 10% discount on sale items and rotating weekly specials.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods last year, and this new program, which they hope to roll out to the rest of the country soon, has the potential to make the offerings at Whole Foods cheaper than conventional supermarkets for more than 8 million people.

Read more here.


Scientists are still trying to understand how humans process and create language. And in a recent research paper, they came to an interesting conclusion.

After studying multiple complex languages, scientists found that human speech slows before speaking nouns:

“‘When we speak, we unconsciously pronounce some words more slowly than others and sometimes pause. Such slowdown effects provide key evidence for human cognitive processes, reflecting increased planning load in speech production.’ A gap between words, or having to result to filler words (such as uh or um), literally suggests certain words tax our mental faculties more than others.

And which words were those? Nouns (“a person place or thing,” as per Schoolhouse Rock), as opposed to verbs (which tell us “what’s happening”). Across languages and cultures, speakers universally slowed down before uttering nouns, and only one of the nine languages showed any slowdown before verbs, despite these often being more complex than nouns.”

More here.

Tech Trends

Deep in space, scientists found a previously undiscovered oxygen signal, which helps correlate their theory that the universe was formed 250 million years ago.

“Determining when cosmic dawn occurred is akin to the Holy Grail of cosmology and galaxy formation,” said Richard Ellis, senior astronomer at UCL and co-author of the paper. “With these new observations of MACS1149-JD1 we are getting closer to directly witnessing the birth of starlight! Since we are all made of processed stellar material, this is really finding our own origins.”

Learn more here.

Marketing Trends

Researchers in Missouri have developed a magnetic honeycomb lattice structure that they believe will increase the battery life of certain electronics — including cell phones! — by nearly 100 times.

The honeycomb structure provides a unilateral path for energy, reducing the dissipative power that causes your battery suck and leads to your devices heating up.

The researchers applied for a US patent and have already started incorporating a company to sell this (battery) life-saving device. Hopefully, we will begin seeing it in commercial products sooner rather than later! To learn more, check here.

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Join Spotify’s Xavier Jernigan every week as he takes us inside the soundtrack of one of the most popular films or TV shows. Through interviews with music supervisors and composers, Xavier breaks down the playlist and shares crazy insider stories about the music and its selection process.

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