The Leading CRM Solution for the TSYS Integrated Payment Processing Gateway

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration

TSYS is one of the world’s most popular payment processors, serving over 800,000 merchants around the globe. That reach makes it a key partner for independent sales organizations looking to maintain a steady stream of new merchants to ensure maximized growth. IRIS CRM, the leading TSYS merchant services CRM, is designed to integrate seamlessly with TSYS, providing ISOs with full control over their TSYS portfolio along with an industry-leading set of productivity tools. The following are just a few of the TSYS-specific benefits IRIS CRM offers in addition to the sales and productivity benefits offered by customer resource management in general. 


Supercharged Merchant Onboarding

Manually boarding merchants is time-consuming, clumsy, and error-prone. IRIS CRM’s built-in TurboApp boarding application solves all of those problems by integrating directly with TSYS and automating as much of the onboarding process as possible, minimizing the time required and the amount of data transfer required between them merchant’s application and the submission system. With TurboApp, your staff can launch the boarding process right from within the merchant’s lead account or application form, and the system will automatically pull data from the form to help auto-populate the boarding fields. TurboApp will also validate the boarding data to ensure there are no errors that could result in snags on the payment processor’s side, or worse, an outright denial of an otherwise perfectly suitable merchant. TurboApp’s streamlining of the onboarding process is so effective that it increases agent boarding capacity by up to 500%, reclaiming lost time, and getting more merchants into the pipeline at a much faster rate. 


Better Business Intelligence

The success of your independent sales organization is directly related to your ability to plan strategically for the future and to make good managerial decisions. Both of those functions depend heavily on a source of high-quality business intelligence, and IRIS CRM is specifically designed to provide exactly that. IRIS CRM pulls data directly from the TSYS reporting feed and automatically compiles it into a series of useful reports, with the easy-to-interpret charts and graphs you need to get to the heart of your ISO’s performance. Reports are available at the portfolio-wide, merchant, and transaction levels, on areas ranging from the types of cards used for individual purchases, to merchant profitability, to merchant batch frequency, monthly portfolio growth, dispute submissions, and much more. The result is a clearer picture of every aspect of your business, enabling the best possible planning and decision making. 


Simplified Residual Calculations

Your company is in the payment processing business to make money, and the residuals you earn on your merchants’ transactions are the lifeblood of your revenue and cash flow. But the residual calculation isn’t simple, especially when you’re dealing with a number of different payment processors. IRIS CRM simplifies the task by automating residual calculations for all of your merchants, not only with TSYS but with a host of other top payment processors as well. Not only does that ensure you always have an accurate picture of your own residual portfolio, but it also ensures you can accurately calculate the slice of those residuals that you owe to your independent agents. That enables fast, accurate agent payouts, which are the single most important factor in keeping your agent roster happy, loyal, and productive. 


In addition to these TSYS-specific benefits, IRIS CRM also offers advanced lead management tools, a built-in power dialer, full billing and payments suite, and much more. 

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