The Must-Have Features Of Any Good Merchant Services CRM

Merchant Services CRM

If you work in the merchant services industry, you know all too well how many moving parts are involved in day-to-day operations. Outside of continually trying to grow your business through sales, you’re also managing your current portfolio.

It’s a never-ending balancing act. And in order to keep both sides in check, you need to make sure back-end operations across every department are optimized for alignment.

This is especially true in merchant services where the data stakes are high. In partnering with these companies, you’re entrusted to help manage large amounts of sensitive customer information. And one mismanaged account can cause a major hit to all current and future business.

Invest the time and resources up front in a CRM you can count on to help in keeping merchants happy and internal operations streamlined. When evaluating your options, consider these must-have features of any good merchant services CRM.


End-to-End Sales Funnel Functionality

Without sales, you have no merchant services business. And yet, sales efforts can easily fall by the wayside as more customers come on board with expectations to fulfill.

A good merchant services CRM will help your sales team work smarter, not harder. It will offer functionality within the areas of lead management to proposal creation.

IRIS CRM offers a number of features that are optimal for maximizing sales potential. To name a few, electronic signatures help teams e-sign new customers from anywhere in the world. Visitor tracking makes it easy to determine what a prospect is engaged with on your site for catering communications to better meet their needs. And sales metric reporting helps teams take action around informative data.


Boarding Process Simplification

Once a new customer is sold, get the relationships off to a good start with an efficient boarding process. The last thing you want to do is leave someone second-guessing that newly-signed contract.

The TurboApp feature from IRIS CRM offers a centralized platform for boarding that easily integrates alongside other popular tools like First Data, iPayment, TSYS, and more. It’ll help you submit new merchants into the system faster and increase your team’s workload capacity by 500%.


Portfolio Management

Maintaining your business’ success is as much about the short-term as it is a long-term strategy. The faster you can analyze a merchant portfolio’s contribution to your company over time, the better you’ll be able to assess ongoing growth decisions.

Merchant Portfolio Reporting from IRIS CRM gives you the ability to build out custom reports and identify troublesome merchants before they become a problem. A visual dashboard also makes it easy to track volume growth and approval over time, in addition to residual contributions per user.


Residual Reporting

Managing residuals in a timely manner keep everyone on your team happy and thriving. This is why any good merchant services CRM should provide you with full portfolio and merchant level metrics around growth, profit, and basis points.

Use IRIS CRM to calculate residual income quickly before paying agents directly through ACH. You can also receive detailed income reports and easily manage residuals tracked across any of your payment processors.

To build a solid foundation for your merchant services company, you need the right tools. Get started with your free demo of IRIS CRM and learn how our suite of tools can help in growing your business to its full potential.

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