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The New Intelligence Test

The Mission Newsletter, 6/4/18

“Don’t wait on perfect conditions for success to happen; just go ahead and do something.” –Dan Miller

The New Intelligence Test

Episode 26 of The Mission Daily

As the new economy emerges, are our current methods of testing intelligence still relevant?

In today’s episode of The Mission Daily, we discuss what old standardized tests were designed to do, analyze if any of those credentials are worth saving, and offer an improved method for testing intelligence in the new economy.

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The Show Goes On

“A society grows great when old people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

This is The Story of how one woman went into the family business and gave it a new spin…

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News That Matters


Walking and chewing gum at the same time isn’t just possible — it’s actually good for you!

In a recent study, researchers found that both male and female participants who chewed gum while walking at a normal pace for 15 minutes had significantly higher heart rates, and also walked slightly farther and faster than the control group. They also found that men over 40 burned additional calories when they chewed gum while walking!

So next time you lace up those running shoes, pop in a piece of gum, too!

Read the study here.


Walmart took another step in providing employees with valuable resources.

Following recent increases to its minimum salary and adjustments to the maternity leave policy, Walmart just announced a tuition reimbursement program to provide employees who have not yet earned a degree the opportunity to do so.

“Employees will contribute $1 per day, for 365 days every year, toward their education, so long as they’re enrolled. Walmart will cover the rest of the tab. Workers will be able to choose from the three nonprofit schools and have the option of taking classes online with the flexibility to study during the evenings or on weekends.”

More on this policy shift here.


Are you an aspirational recycler? ♻️ ♻️

Well, if you’ve been putting coffee cups and greasy pizza boxes in your recycling bin, you might be… and that’s not a good thing.

Those items, along with other food or drink containers, should not be tossed out with your other recyclables. Items with leftover food scraps still inside contaminate an otherwise recyclable container, thus destining it for the landfill. If you want to recycle those kinds of items, it’s best to give them a wash first.

By being conscious of these common recycling mistakes and taking steps to prevent them — and by not throwing everything into your recycling bin and hoping for the best — you’ll actually be saving energy!

More info here.

Tech Trends

Jeff Bezos recently received the Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Award for Space Settlement Advocacy due to his outspoken opinions about colonizing Mars. Bezos explains that in order for the human race to continue to thrive and grow, staying only on Earth is not sustainable because of the energy we are using that slowly destroys it:

“We can defend this planet, but the alternative is stasis. We will have to stop growing, which I think is a very bad future. It’s not the future that I want for my grandchildren or my grandchildren’s grandchildren. … So, we will have to leave this planet, and we’re going to leave it, and it’s going to make this planet better. We’ll come and go, and people who want to stay will stay.”

In the interview, which you can read or listen to here, Bezos also expands upon the influence Gerry O’Neill had on him personally. He says that the professor’s writings were formative in how he thinks and his views on planetary expansion.

Marketing Trends

Despite limited cash flow and low stock prices, MoviePass is still taking huge risks in hopes of cornering the movie market.

The company just announced it will be acquiring Emmett Furla Oasis Films (EFO), a production house which released blockbusters such as Lone Survivor and End of Watch, and is currently slated to put out Martin Scorsese’s latest film, The Irishman.

MoviePass will put their current app to work promoting the films EFO releases, hoping to create a circle of production, release, and marketing that will create a dent in the Hollywood business.

More about the acquisition here.

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The Best of What We Are Watching

A movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, Fahrenheit 451, was released on HBO last month. 🍿

If you haven’t read the book (or need a quick refresher), Fahrenheit 451 takes place in a dystopian future where ‘television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction’. The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman whose job is to burn all books… a duty he starts to question.

Watch the trailer here.

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The 40% rule: A Navy Seal’s Secret to Overcoming Mental Barriers and Achieving Success by Mayo Oshin

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