The Quest For Work-Life Balance

The Mission Newsletter, 8/1/18

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

The Quest For Work-Life Balance

Episode 67 of The Mission Daily

When you’re trying to change the world, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself. Chad and Stephanie discuss how to find work-life balance, and Chad takes an approved deep-dive into a cautionary tale we can all learn from.

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From the Archives

Your Choices Today Compound for Life

The closing line in the opening speech in my favorite movie Gladiator goes: “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.” Taking that concept and applying it to the length of our lives, we get, “what we do today, echoes for the rest of our life.” Even smaller, “What we do right now, echoes for the rest of the day.”

The earliest actions echo for the longest time.

Read: Your Choices Today Compound for Life​ by Stephen Guise

News That Matters


Most tap water in the United States is completely safe to drink without filtering. In fact, scientists and dieticians are saying that over-filtering your water could actually be more dangerous than anything else.

If you constantly drink sterilized water, your gut flora could become used to that. And then in the off chance you drink water that isn’t sterilized, he says your gut could react even more dramatically (and unpleasantly) to microbes or nitrates in the water.

And if you’re wondering about those purified or mineral waters you’re buying from the grocery store, those are fine, but not necessarily adding anything to your body unless you are truly deficient in a certain mineral. If not, you likely lose any extra minerals you’re drinking when you go to the bathroom.


In Sweden, the finance world is getting a little less human. Automation is playing more of a role as staff number at one of the leading financial institutions, Nordea, has reached its lowest point ever.

Not all banks are following suit, but since Nordea started cutting staff, it’s profits have climbed.

Nordea’s lower costs helped it deliver a 31 percent annual increase in operating profit last quarter, the best performance of Sweden’s four main banks. And after waiting roughly a year for Nordea’s digital plan to pay off, investors were rewarded when the bank’s earnings report triggered the best share-price performance since early February.


It’s time to start getting things done. And the Getting Things Done method created by David Allen is going to help you do it with these key tenets:

  1. Capture: write down what you need to do the second you realize you need to do it
  2. Clarify: break down what you need to do into what that actually means — what are the smaller to-dos within the bigger to-to?
  3. Organize: figure out which of these smaller to-dos need to take priority
  4. Reflect: look at your list and really figure out how you’re going to start
  5. Engage: get to work!

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Tech Trends

Spying and espionage have long been a worry for every country with secrets it needs to keep. But in the tech age, companies also need to be concerned about spies stealing sensitive information.

In both government and corporate spying, much of the illicit activity is taking place in San Francisco. From bugged hotel rooms to paid-off escorts, the Bay Area has seen it’s fair share of nefarious activities.

Wired took a deep dive into the ways other countries, including Russia and China, and companies have utilized the tech industry in Silicon Valley to try to get an edge, as well as the ways the FBI and other organizations have been working to combat such efforts for decades.

Marketing Trends

Amazon is looking to overhaul its Amazon Prime service to not only compete with rivals Hulu and Netflix, but to address concerns from users who are frequently frustrated by the current interface.

The retail-giant-turned-streaming-competitor is working on bringing a more intuitive UX to end users, which will likely include profiles for individual users as well as a recommendations feature. Both Hulu and Netflix offer such services, and Amazon Prime Video users have been requesting them for a long time.

Also a priority for Amazon will be pushing their original content, which they have invested more than $4 billion in this year alone. 💰

Education Trends

New research seems to suggest that going to Harvard or Stanford may give you a leg up in becoming a venture capitalist.

Richard Kerby, one of Silicon Valley’s few black VCs, who first analyzed venture’s racial breakdown in 2016. Kerby also found that, among his sample of around 1,500 VCs, a whopping 40% went to either Harvard or Stanford.

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