The Top Communication Tools for Your ISO, Built Right Into an Industry-Leading CRM

Top Communication Tools

Your ability to communicate directly impacts all aspects of your ISO’s business. From delivering an effective sales process to prospects, to guiding new merchants through the initial stages of getting their own businesses off the ground, to managing your agents, and everything in between, the success of your ISO is heavily dependent on great communication. That’s why IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management software, comes with a full set of tools designed to make your communications faster, easier, and more accurate, across all mediums, from chat to email, to SMS, to phone. 


Full Email Integration

With IRIS CRM, you can integrate your email platforms so that all of your email communications can be handled directly within the CRM. Both Gmail and Outlook can easily be connected, establishing a two-way connection that keeps your CRM-based activities and your off-platform email activities fully in sync at all times. Not only will that save you time by eliminating the need to jump back and forth between platforms and multiple logins, but it’ll also ensure that all of your important written communication with prospects and merchants is fully logged within the CRM’s database for future reference. That enables a better sales process, and better, more personalizes service. 


Internal Chat

From Slack to Microsoft Teams and beyond, team collaboration tools are gaining widespread acceptance across a variety of industries thanks to their ability to break down information silos. IRIS CRM comes with a built-in chat platform that eliminates the need for external platforms, and puts the power of team collaboration in your employees’ hands, right within the CRM. You can establish organization-wide or permissions-based team-centric chat groups, in which your employees can communicate freely, easily attach and exchange attachments of all types, and keep information flowing. The effective use of IRIS CRM’s internal chat ensures frictionless communication across your entire ISO, ensuring every member of your team has the information they need to do their job as well as possible. 


Voice Recognition Software

One of the most useful communication tools included in IRIS CRM is the built-in voice recognition software. Text-to-speech software has an enormous number of uses, and has the ability to streamline workflows and reclaim significant amounts of time anywhere typing or writing is traditionally necessary. With the speech-to-text software enabled, any speech captured by your microphone or your computer’s soundcard can be automatically converted to useable text in any standard documents and fields, from MS Word documents to PDFs to web forms and beyond. Because speech is naturally a much faster communication method than typing or writing, everything from notetaking to invoice creation to support and beyond can be sped up and made more accurate. 

With IRIS CRM’s voice recognition, your agents can record accurate transcriptions of sales calls, ensuring they’ll always have a complete record of prospects’ and signed merchants’ needs. Your agents can even use it when processing merchant paperwork or making edits to data fields during the boarding process. Your administrative and support staff can use it to compose emails, fill out forms, create web pages and marketing materials, and much more, all with a level of speed and accuracy that a keyboard simply can’t match. 


IRIS CRM also comes equipped with an SMS messaging suite, and a fully functional power dialer designed to completely replace your existing phone system (and monthly bill!) For more information on the complete set of communication features included in the platform, or any of IRIS CRM’s advanced sales and productivity tools,  schedule a free demo or start your free trial today!

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