Three Benefits of Integrating a Dialer With Your CRM

Integrated Dialer

Integrating a dialer with your CRM platform is an ideal way to streamline and grow your business. These systems are often integrated together because of the benefits they provide. The following are just a few benefits of having a dialer integrated with your CRM.

It helps you get organized.

By integrating your dialer system with your CRM platform, you can get organized more easily. You have a variety of different sources from which you receive leads. Having a central network provides you with an easy and convenient way to update and use your data at any given time. Importing data to your dialer system and syncing it to your CRM will also decrease the time it takes for you to update your database, allowing you to ultimately be more productive.

Calls are linked to leads.

An integrated dialer will record calls and ultimately link them to leads and accounts. Aside from this benefit, the recorded calls can be used for training purposes or for reference in future conversations. When an inbound call occurs, the pop up will show you the specific lead so that the employee can pull up the account or lead immediately and answer the calls with a personal touch.

It will increase sales.

By having more efficient agents and receptive customers, sales can be increased significantly when a dialer is integrated with your CRM platform. Revenues will increase with substantial call utilization rates. The quantity of calls as well as the quality of calls improves when there is a combined interaction of agent productivity and call analytics.

Having a dialer integrated in your CRM can ultimately lead to better sales and leads. For more information about how having a dialer integrated in your CRM can benefit you, contact us.

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