Three Reasons You Should Use E-Signature


The electronic signature process enables businesses to simplify the task of obtaining a signature. The following are a few reasons you should choose to use e-signature rather than using physical documents to obtain signatures.


It is safe and secure.

Electronically signed documents are safer and more secure when compared to paper documents. E-signed documents are protected from unauthorized tampering. Paper documents can easily be lost or stolen, giving an unauthorized person easy access to confidential information. On the other hand, electronic records are stored securely online.

Electronic signatures expedite the signature process.

It can take a week or more to obtain a signature from a document and have it returned to you. In some instances, in may need to be revised due to mistakes or missed signatures. Since many of your competitors are most likely obtaining signatures electronically, you do not want to have a delay in closing a deal due to a mistake or missed signature.

Electronic signatures reduce cost.

E-signature reduces or eliminates the cost of lost time, printing, signing, and not knowing if your agreement was even received. By choosing to use e-signature, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have obtained a signature without any confidential information being lost in the process. All while being informed when any agreement is opened and signed.

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