Top 10: IRIS CRM Integrations

Top 10 IRIS CRM Integrations

Customer resource management (CRM) tools are all about saving time by letting users do more throughout the day from a single, centralized point of control. With that in mind, IRIS CRM has been developed with built-in integrations with many of the most important third-party service providers that ISOs interact with daily. Those integrations enable IRIS CRM users to minimize the number of tools, websites, and logins they have to juggle to get things done, ensuring that all of an ISO’s most important tasks can be handled as quickly, easily, and, in many cases, automatically as possible. IRIS CRM integrations include dozens of integrations covering all aspects of ISO operations, but the following ten are the most impactful for users on a daily basis.

1) Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is the premier electronic signature service available today, providing users with cloud-based access to legally binding signed documents without the need to ever print or scan a page. IRIS CRM seamlessly integrates Adobe Sign, enabling ISOs to use e-signature for all key paperwork, including merchant processing applications. Not only does that save on space and the headaches associated with document management, E-signed MPAs can even be imported directly into IRIS CRM’s TurboApp boarding tool, completely eliminating the need to manually transfer data from application to boarding portal. 

2) Twilio

A power dialer is a mission-critical tool for all modern sales organizations, and IRIS CRM includes an industry-leading dialer built right in. That dialer is powered by industry giant Twilio and includes everything an ISO needs to bring all of their calling operations within their CRM. Agents can boost productivity and automate their daily calls using pre-populated call queues, launch calls from a prospect’s account with a single click, and leave a voicemail without having to wait for the beep. IRIS CRM’s dialer also includes a full IVR system, an advanced reporting dashboard, and training and quality control tools like listen-in and call recording. 

3) Fiserv First Data

Fiserv First Data serves over six million merchant locations around the globe, making it one of the most important payment processing partners for growth-oriented ISOs. IRIS CRM has been designed to seamlessly integrate Fiserv First Data reporting and onboarding, streamlining both the merchant recruiting and account management processes. ISOs can automatically combine their Fiserv reports with their other processors in IRIS CRM’s reporting dashboard, and residuals calculations can be performed automatically each month with no manual number-crunching required. ISOs can also board new merchants using TurboApp, eliminating the time and human error involved with manual onboarding. 


TSYS is one of the world’s leading payment processors, and IRIS CRM integrates with TSYS like no other customer resource management system on the market. ISOs partnered with TSYS can board their merchants directly through IRIS CRM, reducing the onboarding process from 30 minutes or more to as little as five. Reporting and residuals management is completely centralized within the CRM, and TSYS wholesale merchants can even handle account changes and due diligence right through IRIS CRM – a level of integration no other CRM can match. 

5) Worldpay from FIS

Worldpay from FIS processes over 75 billion transactions worth over $9 trillion USD annually, making them a must-have partner for most ISOs. IRIS CRM is built to integrate directly with Worldpay’s boarding and reporting portals, eliminating the need to jump around between sites and enabling ISOs to handle all of their Worldpay operations centrally within the CRM.

6) Authorize.Net

Payment gateways are the front-line interface between customers and merchants both online and in-store. Authorize.Net is the granddaddy of ecommerce payment gateways, and IRIS CRM makes it as easy as possible for ISOs to resell Authorize.Net services to their merchants, opening up a valuable new stream of residuals. IRIS CRM enables ISOs to onboard new merchants to Authorize.Net services directly through the CRM, including value-added services like advanced fraud filtering and automated invoicing. Offering gateway services not only boosts ISO revenues, it also makes life easier for merchants by providing them with one-stop shopping for everything they need to begin taking payments online. 

7) Priority Payment Systems

IRIS CRM’s Priority Payment Systems integration powers the platform’s TSYS wholesale integration, opening up a new level of control over merchants and wholesale operations previously unavailable through any CRM. IRIS CRM provides wholesale ISOs with the ability to manage and change key TSYS merchant information through the CRM’s ticketing system, saving time and minimizing the need to use the TSYS standalone web portal. IRIS CRM’s PPS integration also allows TSYS wholesale ISOs to enjoy the same advanced onboarding and reporting features that retail ISOs do, streamlining all aspects of wholesale operations. 

8) Conformance Technologies

IRIS CRM has integrated Conformance Technologies’ leading online underwriting tool, PreComm Toolkit, to make the due diligence process as fast and easy as possible for wholesale ISOs. With IRIS CRM and Conformance Technologies, ISOs can fully automate new merchant checks, with over 70 configurable criteria and customizable scheduling, reducing the time it takes to perform thorough due diligence to as little as 45 seconds. Automated underwriting done directly through the CRM enables ISOs to perform efficient, effective, and consistent due diligence as soon as a new MPA hits the system, making IRIS CRM the ultimate tool for wholesale ISOs. 

9) Paya

Paya is an integrated payments solution built directly into IRIS CRM’s billing and payments suite, enabling ACH payments to be made and received from within the CRM. Paya enables ISOs to payout agent splits on monthly residuals directly from within the same platform used to perform the calculations, ensuring unmatched speed and accuracy. Ensuring agents get paid out as quickly as possible is a key to maintaining a happy and loyal sales team, making IRIS CRM and Paya an invaluable residuals management tool.  

10) Zapier

Zapier is an innovative web platform that enables users to connect their favorite software systems to build powerful workflows across multiple programs. IRIS CRM fully integrates with Zapier, enabling IRIS CRM users to connect everything from Microsoft Office to their accounting software to project management platforms and beyond. In total, Zapier offers over 3,000 different integrations, all of which can be directly connected with IRIS CRM to enable easy, automated workflows that save even more time than IRIS CRM does on its own. 

IRIS CRM includes dozens of integrations with key third-party providers, all designed to make your ISO more efficient and your team’s lives easier. To find out more about how those industry-leading integrations, including the ten listed above, can help your ISO streamline, enhance, and automate your daily workflows, schedule your free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM today!

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