IRIS CRM’s Top 100 Recent Features & Enhancements

IRIS CRM’s Top 100 Recent Features & Enhancements

We are excited to share our favorite list of features that our team developed over the past several last months.

1. The IRIS CRM Gmail Chrome Extension is now available for free!

Perform actions such as creating leads and events, scheduling emails, and posting notes — right from within Gmail! 

Visitor tracking and speech recognition are built in as well.  Dictate your emails with accuracy!

Here is how it works:

Click Here To Download The IRIS CRM Gmail Extension For Chrome



2. You can now board merchants to the First Data North backend via the TurboApp module. First Data North is a feature-rich platform with a late cut-off time and many new enhancements on the horizon.



3. Charge your clients quickly and directly through the CRM via credit card using Authorize.Net or via ACH using the Paya gateway.  More gateways are coming soon!  Here is how it works:

Simply enter the client’s credit card or ACH information on the lead and submit the transaction. You can also set up recurring billingissue refunds, and view accepted payment processing revenue reports with just a few clicks.



4. Enable your merchants to access up to $500K in funding through your ISO provided by Fundomate!

Submission-through-funding actions are tracked and reported on within the CRM.

Notes and commission reports are updated in real-time.  Learn more about the Fundomate integration today!




5. First American Payment Systems integrated reporting is now available for First American ISOs!

With the new integration, ISOs are able to view monthly merchant information, daily batches, and deposit exceptions for their First American merchants from within your CRM.

All merchant reporting is updated daily before 9:00 AM ET.  Speak to us about enabling your First American integration today!




6. Visitor Tracking enables you and your sales team to receive real-time notifications every time your leads visit your website!

See the pages that your prospects are viewing and reach out proactively using with a follow-up call or by sending an SMS message — all of this right from the CRM.

Not tech savvy?  Speak to our IRIS CRM specialists to request guidance for installing the visitor tracking functionality on your website.



7. Microsoft Outlook Email Integration allows you to sync your email with your CRM.  All of your email communications with prospects and clients will automatically be bound to leads and helpdesk tickets.

Manage and respond to Helpdesk tickets that are sent to your email address! Sent and received emails are automatically shown in your notes and Helpdesk tickets.  Sync your email today by going into the Settings tab today!



8. Email Validation will improve your email delivery rates by making sure that your leads have valid email addresses.  Here’s how it works:

Click on the email validation icon anywhere that you see an email field.  The email address will be run through a proprietary algorithm and a popup message will show if the email address is a valid or an invalid email.

We will notify you about spam traps and help you connect more!



9. Working late?  Have the perfect follow up but do not want to send it out just yet?  Lock and load and schedule your email!

IRIS CRM now allows you to Schedule Your Email to be sent out at the perfect time.  Here is how it works:



10. Do you frequently need to add calculated columns to your residuals reports? If yes, you’ll no longer need to prepare the calculations in Excel before importing your report. 

Instead, you can now simply add such columns in your CRM by using Excel-like formulas:



Read more about calculated columns and check out some of the typical usage scenarios in this post.


11. Tech Hub is a modern networking hub for the payments industry.

Share ideas, insights, and other industry-specific information with folks outside of your organization.

Meet new people and start strong business relationships by sending public and private messages.

Here is how it works: 



12. Whisper & Barge In will make your telesales operation more powerful than ever!

Using whisper mode, sales managers are able to provide hints to sales reps during their calls.

Managers can also barge in on the call and join the conversation with both the prospect and the sales rep.

Contact us at to request a demo or sign up for the integrated phone system today!



13. The SMS Templates can save time for your sales reps and other departments by streamlining communication with leads and clients:



14. SMS Forwarding will send incoming SMS messages from your CRM to your personal mobile device!

Respond to text messages from your personal mobile device without being logged into your CRM.

Entire SMS conversations are automatically saved in notes.

Enable SMS forward by going to Settings -> User Settings today:



15. Calendar UI has been revamped and now features a fresh and modern look.

The revamp is a part of a wider project to modernize the CRM UI, which will be carried out in several phases.

The calendar UI design is also accompanied by several new feature additions including the option to change the lead status, add a lead note, make a call or send an SMS!



16. The Calendar events now have the “Set By” and “Set For” options.



17. Merchant API enables you to use your merchant data stored in the CRM to integrate with any third-party applications.

Integrate with our Merchant REST API to quickly access your personal portfolio data by writing custom queries.

Your portfolio data is easily searchable to retrieve a single merchant profile or an entire list.

Click Here To View The Latest Merchant API Documentation



18. Sync your existing CRM or an in-house system with IRIS CRM using the Lead API.

Create a new lead, add notes, schedule tasks, and appointments programmatically using our REST API.

Click Here To View The Latest Lead API Documentation



19. Submit equipment leases to Ascentium Capital at the time of boarding through TurboApp.

Ascentium Capital boarding is supported on First Data Omaha & North, TSYS, Vantiv WorldPay, and Paysafe (PKA iPayment).


20. Merchants who are boarded using the Vantiv Worldpay TurboApp can now be enabled for same day funding via the FastAccess Funding options!

Merchant enabled with FastAccess Funding receive deposits within 5 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays.



21. Merchant Profitability formulas have been adjusted to account for residuals line items.


22. Residuals reports have a fresh UI and now display individual users and their splits in collapsible rows when exporting to Excel.

Here is how it works:



23. E-Signature Multi-Signer Support of PDF documents here! You can now send PDF documents to multiple signors for execution.

Additional signers will sign sequentially based on the order that you specify!

Using multiple signors for merchant agreements is important to comply with payments industry beneficial ownership requirements!



24. Preview Documents with a single click to view documents and images without downloading them.

If you are used to working with documents frequently, you will agree that previewing documents is a major time saver!



25. Speech Recognition is a state-of-the-art way to dictate taking notes, writing emails and updating tickets.

Put on your headset and watch the words you speak appear on your screen immediately.

Talk instead of typing to begin saving time today!



26. Voice Commands connected to our Speech Recognition functionality provides shortcuts to actions using your voice.

Press the Speech Recognition icon and say “Help” to access the list of available voice commands:



27. CRM Assistant is your knowledge base repository of CRM how-tos and FAQs.

Articles are updated frequently and can be found with quick searches using CRM Assistant.

Learn via interactive tutorials that play right through their respective pages.



28. Working Hours will help you to set your default schedule that will drive your personal Calendar – Week & Day views.



29. Lead Importer has been enhanced to auto-assign multiple users and show field mappings after an import is complete.



30. Multi-File Deletion and Email is a new feature to work with multiple file attachments from the lead.

Here is how it works:



31. Quick Email popups now support previewing and downloading of attachments straight from the template view.



32. Email Preview Text is a powerful placeholder in your email that will supercharge your marketing.

With the prevalence of spam, we are all cautious and rely on email preview text for making decisions.

To open or delete, that is the question!  Leveraging email preview text on mobile devices is paramount. 

Make sure you are always setting the preview text of an email to maximize the real estate of your emails.

Preview text is shown in emails of your recipients prior to your email being opened.

Here is an example of Email Preview Text:



33. Get click-by-click insights and unravel previously tracked visitor activity — from before they were a lead!

It’s like magic!

After a lead opens one of your emails with our special tracker, you’ll have click-by-click insights.

Every time a lead visitors your website, you will be notified via the CRM in real-time.



34. Proposal Generator is your best friend for making proposals quickly and accurately.  Starting a proposal from the lead is easy!

Use the Proposal Generator to automatically create and calculate side-by-side statement reviews with your branding.

Here is how it works:



35. Lead Status can now be viewed and updated directly via the Merchant Details page.

We added shortcuts for creating tasks, appointments, tickets, and notes.

Here is how it works:



36. Pricing Templates are perfect for filling in buckets of lead fields with pre-defined values.

Pricing Templates save time by eliminating redundant data entry and populating fields with a single action.

Pricing Templates are perfect for creating custom pricing formats and generating PDF documents quickly and accurately.



37. Portfolio Activity now displays Monthly Volume and Average Ticket values from TurboApp.


38. Lead Overview and Reports tabs on your Home Page will now display recordset information.

A recordset is a group of fields you specify such as the Business Owner or Equipment which frequently has more than one object.

Here is how it works:



39. Email Templates now support copy and pasting of images directly into an email template.

Dragging and dropping of images are also supported by email templates!

40. Images copied into the Email Editor which exceed the maximum allowed image width will now be automatically resized.  Woohoo!

41. Images originating from incoming emails that are less than 1KB in size (e.g. signature logos and similar) are no longer saved in the Lead Attachments tab to avoid cluttering the tab with unnecessary attachments.

42. You can now Attach Multiple Files to your emails from the disk or directly from the lead attachments.


43. Quick Email now comes with Minimize and Maximize buttons.

44. Changes to a merchant’s account number will now automatically update the MID in all existing helpdesk tickets automatically.

45. Manage Lead Fields shows new important information about each field including frequency of usage, application mapping usage in PDFs, and its default value.



46. The lead status age is now shown on the lead record and in the reports tab. This update makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your leads and make sure they are being progressed effectively.



47. Lead Importer now supports Email Validation.

If an email is found to be invalid you can now choose to have the email discarded.



48. Status Triggers now allow for automatic assignment of users to a lead based on the lead’s age or a status change.

Automate lead assignments with Round-Robin.

Assign leads to agents evenly by setting up a pre-defined group of agents.



49. Notifications have been added for CRM actions and many more notifications are on the way!

Go to Settings -> User Settings to set your preferences today.

Here is how it works:



50. You can now use the Lead Importer to import data using Record Sets.

For example, if a business has multiple owners and the Owner tab is configured as a Record Set tab, then the Lead importer will automatically load each Owner’s info into the appropriate recordset.

51. Add New Field dialog (which is typically used to create hundreds of lead fields) has been updated with several important UX improvements.

Field updates are now saved using AJAX which makes saving faster and does not require a page to be refreshed.


52. After you import a new batch of leads using the Lead Importer, a new report, Finished Imports, will show imported statistics.

The numbers are clickable to easily filter and review the newly imported leads.



53. The process to delete a lead has now been simplified and reduced to a single click. Deleted leads may be restored within 30 days.



54. Lead fields can now be duplicated which saves valuable time when you’re adding many fields that have similar properties such as the field type, length, default value etc.



55. The Lead Importer now ignores inactive users that may appear in the CSV file being imported and does not assign such users to leads.

56. Sales reps can now create Outgoing Call Queues by simply selecting leads that they wish to call and adding them to the Power Dialer.



57. You can now start a call and record it right from the lead page.



58. The Dialer Notifications have been improved for missed calls, queued calls, and call waiting, and the Live Queue tab has been added on the Dialer Metrics page.



59. IRIS CRM Live Chat now supports Desktop Notifications which show up on your desktop even when you’re working in a different browser tab (which doesn’t have IRIS CRM loaded).



60. The Power Dialer now comes with an Online/Offline switch enabling users to start or stop accepting incoming calls as needed.



61. The POST API now has several new options that allow you to select what will happen when duplicate leads are found.



62. The TurboApp now supports the First Data Grid Wholesale Grids on SYS level.

63. IRIS CRM now integrates with First Data Canada for transactional reporting.

64. The Default Pricing information for the TSYS TurboApp can now be managed from the CRM, using the Default Values page in the CRM Administration.

65. IRIS CRM now integrates Pivotal Payments API for transaction reporting.

66. You can make residual payments to your users right from the Residuals page in IRIS CRM by enabling the Paya ACH Integration (formerly Sage EFT). Details of all transactions are saved in the Paya History Log which you can access from your Administration page.



67. The merchant’s TSYS account information can now be managed in real-time either from the Merchant Details page or from the Helpdesk. The built-in TSYS maintenance functions allow you to easily update the merchant’s DBA & address information, demographics info, DDA number, current status, as well as manage other TSYS settings.



68. The Residuals Report access permissions can now be set for selected groups, user classes, and users to enable or disable visibility on a per-report basis. Manage your agent payouts more efficiently, by showing only the residuals reports for which the agents are getting paid.



69. You can now enable or disable access to columns on the Summary tab of your Residuals Reports for selected users, user classes, or groups.



70. The agent splits can now be set up with a default split value and an expiration date. You’ll no longer need to keep track of when to expire agents’ splits manually, or to set up an agent net split each time a new merchant account is created. Instead, you can configure both of these tasks to happen automatically, saving time and reducing the chances of errors.



71. Inactive merchants (those with $0 net income) can now be excluded from Residual Reports. You may turn this feature on or off for each listed processor.



72. When you upload a Residual Report in XLSX format, the system will now automatically recognize the cell number formatting (for example integer, float, percentage, etc.) and it will automatically apply the appropriate formats to the data that’s being imported.

73. A new option has been added on the user settings page enabling admins to set a user’s Default Net Split.



74. The user line items in the Residual Reports have been updated to display the ISO’s net income, and the line items in the Sales Rep and Manager views now correctly included in the Grand Total calculation.

75. The Manage User and Manage Merchant pages now have a new override option to “Allow Split To Exceed 100%“.



76. Administrators can now publish or unpublish imported residuals reports with a single click. The enhancement makes the publishing process easier and reduces the chances of administrators omitting to publish a report after it is imported.



77. The Helpdesk Email Notifications sent out after a ticket expires can now be configured to show a more detailed description of the ticket, including information on the ticket type, subject, assigned users, and others.

78. Adding new ticket comments is now done via AJAX calls which do not require the page to reload, making the commenting process faster.

79. The Manage Documents page now allows for dynamic adding, editing, deleting, and reordering of documents without reloading the page.

80. Enable your users to log into IRIS CRM using a Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO you no longer need to create or manage separate user accounts in IRIS CRM. Instead, simply connect to your Active Directory or LDAP and you’re good to go!



81. A new option called “Office IP Security” has been added to the Administration Page. The option enables admins to add IP addresses from which the CRM may be accessed.



82. You can now disable your users from editing some of their personal settings such as the email address, first and last name, mobile number, and others. Look for the new “Disable User Setting Edits” permission in the User Class Settings.



83. IRIS CRM user account data can now be exported to Excel or CSV format.



84. Disabled users are now marked with a red dot in the lead or merchant assignments, in group splits, and on the Merchant Details page, making them easier to spot.



85. IRIS CRM reports typically show large volumes of data which is a resource-intensive process. Many pages across IRIS CRM have now been optimized resulting with significantly faster loading times.

86. Changes made on the Lead are now saved using AJAX calls which don’t require the entire page to reload. As a result, the changes are saved faster and with less interruption to the user.

87. Administrators are now automatically notified of any failed scheduled tasks such as the import merchant information or batch import tasks.

88. The Merchant Memos can now be edited or deleted by users with appropriate permissions.



89. Calendar – Day View has a new button to quickly show a list of the day’s tasks and appointments.



90. The Portfolio Activity page now also includes information on merchants with no linked data sources for a more complete reporting.


91. The Administration page now has a new option for managing the First Data North Hierarchy.



92. You can now control which user classes will have access to the Fundomate tab or be able to view the Fundomate commissions.



93. Single Sign-On has support for “Group” and “Secondary Group” attributes that allow ISOs to automatically assign new users to these groups when they log in for the first time.

94. You can now select and update multiple tasks and appointments using the Mass Actions option.



95. The Email Metrics page provides a detailed insight into the users’ email activity, email delivery rates, clicks, and the site visitor activity. Easily identify the best performing emails and take full control over your email strategies.



96. The Fundomate Deals page now has an additional tab which shows a list of interested merchants, i.e. merchants who have clicked the “Apply for Funding” button but did not complete the first step of the application.



97. Run a Google search quickly by simply clicking the microphone icon in the top navigation bar and saying “Google [search term]”. The results for the [search term] will be shown in a new tab.



98.  TSYS Transfirst ISOs are now able to view chargebacks and retrievals information right in the CRM.



99. If any merchants are deactivated as a result of uploading a residuals report, such merchants will now be shown in the new Deactivated Merchants column on the Imported Residuals Reports tab.



100. To enable a faster progressing of Fundomate deals IRIS CRM can now send automatic reminder emails to merchants and deal managers at various points in the application process. 


And there you go! We hope you enjoyed reading our top feature list and that you’re already using many of them in your day to day operations!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates coming soon!


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