Top 3 Merchant Services CRM Sales Tips

Sell Faster Sell Smarter

The salesmanship of your business means the difference between viability and stagnation. Here are three sales tips from the IRIS Merchant Services CRM team.

Cross-Reference Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales always seem at odds with each other. In order to work most effectively, the marketing team must create content based on the real-world experience of the sales team. However, the sales team must brand the company using content from marketing. The compromise comes in a workflow that allows both teams to note successes and mark trends. The secret to a better sales team is a two-way conversation between marketing and sales, not marketing dictating policy to sales.

Include CRM at the Top of Your Sales Funnel

Better CRM creates a much easier trend analysis. Have your sales team keep detailed information about the demographics of each sales call. Invest in hands-free phones so that your sales team can input information without missing a conversational beat.

A Great Merchant Services CRM creates loyal customers.

Inbound Marketing Always Trumps the Hard Sell

Setting up your sales calls with the right marketing is essential, and hard sells during your marketing kill opportunities for your sales team. Consider creating a podcast or a blog to pull opt-in customers to your content rather than having to force them to engage with your content. Reward your sales team for a great performance by letting them manage inbound sales platforms.

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