Top 5 Benefits to Call Center Software and CRM Integration

Call Center Software

Whether managing a small or large team, there are a plethora of factors involved in team success. Good management depends on the ability to keep track of and consistently improve a multifaceted network of both technological and human operators.

The Call Center Software a company chooses can make all the difference in achieving sales goals. An integrated phone system combined with a powerful CRM tool has many advantages. Here are the top 5:

  1. Forward Thinking: Strategy is critical in growing sales, retaining clients, and fostering employee satisfaction. Software that provides dialer metrics, real-time data, and tracking of both individual and group performance, will assist management in meeting its current goals and developing improved performance plans. Monitoring data sets over time can lead to more accurate forecasting regarding sales trends and employee performance.
  2.  Data Storage and Manipulation: Managers often need to keep track of which employees are performing well with regards to sales, customer service, and quality. Filtering these data sets is simple with the right call center software. Management can access weekly reports on an individual employee or a class of employees as needed. They can also filter sales leads by date of creation and level of importance. Manipulating data sets within an integrated interface is invaluable to the most efficient of management processes.
  3. Maintaining a Professional Image: Customers need to feel a sense of trust with both the call agent and the company that he or she represents. For this reason, some find it necessary to listen in on sales calls and monitor them for quality. Call center software should include this capability, as well as other Cloud capabilities to allow for responsive queues, voicemail, and call forwarding. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than the feeling that they cannot reach a sales team or management due to an outdated or malfunctioning phone system. The right software ensures that clients, sales representatives, and management can reach one another seamlessly and with a reasonable amount of effort.
  4. All-In-One Capabilities: Quality call center software is a must for any call center, but when there are sales involved, integration between CRM and call center software can bring a 60 to 90-minute call down to 45 minutes. When these programs are compatible, data can easily be entered, processed, tracked, and transferred automatically. Proper integration will prevent queue backup and help employees meet sales goals as they will no longer be hampered by two or more incompatible programs. Data processing automatically and swiftly means more time for employees to sell.
  5. Hierarchy and Routing: Different teams escalate or forward calls according to their respective company hierarchy. Good call center software will allow management to host conference calls, manage leads, and route customers to the right team with little to no difficulty. When paired with a powerful CRM tool, employees can set default values for clients and annotate sales leads to make sure that everyone on the team has current and accurate information.

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