TRANSACT CONNECT 2020 – Webinar Replay

TRANSACT CONNECT 2020 - Webinar Replay

IRIS CRM participated as an exhibitor & co-sponsor at the TRANSACT Connect conference. The event was a first-of-its-kind and it came at an extremely critical time for the industry – a time when selling online has never been more important.


During the event, IRIS CRM explained, how to use our Zapier Integration to help you sell more merchant accounts transferring data easily. Using these tools together, you will be able to scan business cards automatically, avoid time-consuming data entry, and generate more leads. That means more sales, and it means more income!

IRIS CRM also comes with a complete suite of productivity tools covering everything from email communication, to daily calling, to outbound marketing, billing, customer support, and more. For complete information on everything, IRIS CRM can do to help your ISO run more efficiently, contact us today.

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TRANSACT Connect is an online show focused around payments technology. Organized by Electronic Transactions Association, the largest payments industry trade group, this event will be a groundbreaking virtual event featuring financial institutions, networks, payment companies, FinTech, and other technology innovators. 

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