TSYS Partner Program — How TSYS and Global Payments Put ISOs First

TSYS Partner Program -- How TSYS and Global Payments Put ISOs First

Payment processors provide the services that independent sales organizations (ISOs) resell to merchants, making them a core partner in the ISO business model. Likewise, without ISOs, processors would have to spend more time, money, and effort recruiting merchants than it’s worth for them, making the ISO-processor partnership a truly symbiotic relationship. But not all processors place the same value on their ISOs or offer the same levels of services and support. One processor that consistently ranks among the best in those areas is TSYS, now owned by Global Payments

Through the TSYS Partner Program, TSYS and Global Payments offer a set of industry-leading benefits to merchants ranging from dedicated one-on-one support to flexible residuals to greater access to resellers and beyond. Those benefits, combined with TSYS’s status as a world leader in payment processing, make the Partner Program an easy choice for most ISOs. 


Industry-Best Customer Service and Support

TSYS and Global Payments place an enormous level of importance on supporting the day-to-day operations of their ISO partners. All ISOs, both retail and full-service, have access to TSYS support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. At the same time, TSYS ISOs don’t need to worry about being juggled around an impersonal telephone or online support system, because each ISO is assigned a dedicated relationship manager to ensure that if problems do arise, they’ll be handled personally. The result is that TSYS partner ISOs enjoy a true partnership and build real, long-term relationships with their processor — a key to stability and ongoing growth. 

Flexible Compensation Options

TSYS offers ISOs open pricing options, ensuring that each ISO can access the right mixture of revenue sharing and bonuses to match their operational needs, the level of risk they opt to take on, and the level of service they provide to their merchants. Customizable pricing is a prime example of how TSYS prioritizes the well-being of its ISOs and treats them as true partners rather than just a source of revenue. 

Faster Commission Payouts

One small but extremely important difference in the TSYS partner program is that commissions are paid out around the 10th of the month as opposed to the more common industry practice of paying out around the 20th. Ten days isn’t a huge difference, but it does ensure ISOs get access to their residuals faster, ensuring healthier cash flow and happy independent agents. 

Unparalleled Access to Value-Added Services

Value-added resellers impact ISOs in two major ways. First, they represent a potential new source of residuals in cases where third-party services can be resold alongside merchant services. Second, they provide additional functionality to make merchants’ lives easier and businesses more profitable. TYSY offers access to over 1,000 VARs, including full and semi-integrated EMV-compliant payment solutions, ensuring that ISOs will always be able to offer their merchants one-stop shopping for all the services and solutions they need.

Additional Benefits for Full-Service Wholesale ISOs

TSYS offers a robust program for full-service wholesale ISOs looking to earn a bigger piece of the pie by taking on a larger share of the risk and responsibility. Wholesale partners can opt to own their own merchants (including the liability and underwriting involved) in exchange for a number of benefits like control of pricing, access to next-day and same-day funding, international processing capabilities, and more. Wholesale ISOs also have the flexibility to choose their own sponsoring banks, opening up even greater flexibility in everything from pricing to onboarding systems and beyond. 


On top of the many benefits offered through the TSYS Partner Program, TSYS also offers unparalleled integration with IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management system. TSYS ISOs can access all of their reporting directly through the CRM and board new merchants in as little as five minutes using IRIS CRM’s TurboApp automated boarding application. Wholesale ISOs can also perform their underwriting directly through IRIS CRM through an integration with Conformance Technologies PreComm Toolkit, and key merchant data can be managed and edited through the CRM’s built-in ticketing system, with no need to switch to TSYS’s standalone merchant management portal. 

To find out more about how these advanced features can enhance and streamline all your ISO’s TSYS merchant operations, click here to book a free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM now.

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