IRIS CRM is Now Integrated with TSYS TransFirst!

TSYS TransFirst Transaction Reporting

We are pleased to announce that IRIS CRM is now integrated with TSYS TransFirst for merchant portfolio reporting!  The new integration with TransFirst presents yet another milestone in our endeavor to provide our customers with a means of consolidating their day to day operations into a single tool.


This is great news for TSYS TransFirst ISOs, who will now be able to view monthly merchant information, rates updates and daily batches with transactions right inside IRIS CRM.


Here are a few highlights of the new integration.


Monthly Merchant Info and Rate Updates


To view a merchant’s demographic information, go to the Merchant Details page and open the Account Status tab:



The General Information and the Contact Information sections will display the general information on the merchant such as DBA and Legal name, merchant’s address, owner’s name and address and a few other pieces of information that have been pulled in from TSYS TransFirst.

To view the merchant’s discount rates, click on the “Discount Rates” accordion to expand it.


Daily Batches With Transactions


To view the daily batches with transactions which are updated daily, click on the Deposit tab:


By clicking on the Batch Total links, you can drill further and view individual transactions in any batch:



Stay tuned for more new integrations down the line!


For any questions regarding this feature please contact us, LiveChat us on, or email


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