Turbocharge Onboarding and Merchant Management

merchant management

To maintain growth, companies need sales. But in order to support the staff and operations needed to secure those sales, they also need to maintain their current customer base, as well – merchant management.

Nurturing merchants currently set up in the system, in fact, is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. This is because those you’re currently working with already know your service. They’ve realized the value — having fully implemented it into their own business processes.

Additionally, if the quality of your product or service is there, they’re likely to become more than just users. They’ll be advocates, selling on behalf of your company through regular word-of-mouth referrals.

Boost your selling potential in better serving customers that have already signed on the dotted line. All it takes is a turbocharge of your onboarding and merchant management processes using IRIS CRM.

Simplify Interrelated Third Party Platform Tasks

It’s not unreasonable to expect that your operations team is already using a number of software applications for various different tasks. So if you’re going to bring on a CRM for the sake of simplifying efforts across teams, you want to make sure the integrative capabilities are there.

From Slack to ActiveCampaign, Google Sheet to Zapier, IRIS CRM makes it possible to streamline your lead and customer data across 1,500 third-party apps. On the back-end, this saves your operations team tons of time in manual updates. It also eliminates the potential for data entry error, ensuring that merchant information is accurate, no matter where you look.

Submit New Merchants Faster

Once a contract is signed, your operations team can hit the ground running. IRIS CRM’s TurboApp eliminates time-consuming hurdles that can arise during onboarding with a centralized merchant boarding platform.

When starting a new application, customer support teams simply choose the merchant’s preferred payment processor, sync information gathered during the sales cycle, and submit. Teams use one portal to monitor all applications — whether they’re incomplete, in review, or submitted.

Improve Retention

Improving customer retention comes down to your ability to both proactively engage with merchants and handle issues as they arise. IRIS CRM makes it all possible, even for teams that often feel strapped for resources.

Merchant portfolio reporting gives teams the ability to set up smart reports and notifications. This keeps customer performance top-of-mind, making it easier to detect issues before they arise and intervene accordingly.

Additionally, operations personnel can attend to issues more readily with an easy pull of retrievals and chargebacks using dispute reporting.

Deliver Revolutionary Service

When people are frustrated — even over the smallest of problems — poor customer support can make or break their experience. It can also easily leave you with one less merchant in your portfolio.

The help desk ticket system provided through IRIS CRM improves your customer team’s ability to handle incoming requests timely and effectively. A single dashboard with automated notifications keeps everyone updated, making it possible for tickets to seamlessly move across multiple agents as needed. You can also customize the view to your team’s specific needs by setting internal SLAs for ticket types.

How will IRIS CRM take your team’s onboarding and merchant management to the next level? Find out first-hand when you sign up for a free demo!

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