Twitter AMA #IRISCRMchat: ISOs Discussing IRIS CRM for Scaling Sales Teams's top secret!


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IRIS CRM will be hosting a Twitter Chat in the form of an Ask Me Anything session with the President of IRIS CRM, Dimitri Akhrin.

The Twitter hashtag #IRISCRMchat will be used on April 15th at 12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PT to observe and participate in the question and answer session.

Please join us and take advantage of the collective wisdom our panel of merchant services experts have to offer.

This is a chance for anyone to ask questions they have about scaling a sales team at an ISO, merchant services sales challenges and any other industry related topics.

Pre-ask your questions in the comment section and have them answered during the AMA.


Use #IRISCRMchat to submit questions during the session.

The panel of industry experts include the following:



Dimitri Akhrin – President at IRIS CRM


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Short Bio:

IRIS CRM was started in 2010 by Dimitri Akhrin as his second venture in the payment industry. Dimitri realized that the payment industry was missing a reliable business management tool that worked with multiple acquirers that was easy to use.  After conducting extensive research of existing CRMs, he found that no existing system could meet the payments industry’s unique “processor-neutral” demands so he set out on a mission to create IRIS CRM.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, IRIS CRM offers a fast-paced and stimulating corporate culture and a team environment that leverages the latest technologies to deliver reporting and business process automation services to clients in the payment processing industry.  Today, IRIS CRM is growing faster than ever and provides services to almost 100 ISOs and over 100,000 active merchants.

Ideal business relationship:

An ideal business relationship is when the terms are mutually beneficial for a long standing, if not indefinite, period of time.  Transparency and following through on commitments is paramount to the accomplishment of success.  For IRIS CRM, a growing ISO that understands the need for and value of technology in respect to scaling its operations is a clear example of a client that would thrive by partaking in such a business relationship.


Special Industry Guests:


Aaron Johnson – CTO at Payroc


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Short Bio:

Aaron joined Payroc as Chief Technology Officer in May of 2014 further strengthening the organization’s executive leadership and technological capabilities. With an 11 year career in electronic payments and a lifetime passion for all facets of technology, Aaron was excited to join this rapidly growing company to focus on delivering a world class experience. In addition to serving as Payroc’s CTO, Aaron also manages Payroc’s risk management and 3rd party vendor relationships.

Since 2004, Aaron has held various key senior risk management roles with Vantiv (VNTV:NYSE) and National Processing Company (NPC) which Vantiv acquired in 2010. Since 2008 Aaron was the Senior Manager of Vantiv’s and NPC’s merchant risk division. Aaron was primarily responsible for a merchant portfolio with volume of over $300B per year, delivering industry leading results year-over-year.

Aaron was a key member of the NPC team that built NPC’s risk system and then most recently lead the Vantiv team that enhanced and upgraded Vantiv’s risk management alert and CRM systems to address the ever changing new and complex risk challenges facing the payments industry.

Ideal business relationship:

Throughout my career I have always operated with high ethical standards based on a simple belief that by doing the right thing, I can create long meaningful relationships with clients, partners and vendors.  The key factor to me in a business relationship is finding partners that are committed to that level of integrity.  Challenges in business are bound to arise, but working together, transparently, to address the issue, both partners can always come out ahead.

Adam Atlas – Attorney at Law


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Short Bio:

Adam Atlas Attorney at Law (@AdamAtlas) has been advising payments businesses since before #Bitcoin. He has advised on over 1,000 #ISO and agent agreements and provides expert testimony on what is normal in the payment processing marketplace. Atlas’ firm supports the full spectrum of payments businesses including ISOs, acquiring, gateway, #MSBs, virtual currency and everything in between. Atlas is licensed in New York.

Ideal business relationship:

Honesty. Honesty. Honesty.  With that key attribute secured, I look for creativity and energy and a heartfelt determination to serve the client.  I believe a business, whether as a law firm or otherwise, should have client service as its primary objective.  Everything else takes care of itself.

Adam Boyd – CEO at toCharge


Transact 16 mage - 3Short Bio:

Adam Boyd is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of toCharge. As a leading merchant services company, toCharge has received national recognition as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Under Boyd’s direction, toCharge has achieved a 3-year growth rate of 1,209% and was recently ranked as the 29thfastest growing financial services firm in the US.

Ideal business relationship:

Open-mindedness. We approach every client engagement with an open mind and a committed interest in providing business owners with better tools and lower costs. I know I speak for our entire team at toCharge when I say we look for clients who appreciate our “outside-of-the-box” thinking. Because of this strategy, we often find ourselves helping “big” small businesses that have been assigned to an incorrect risk tier and e-commerce clients that are being overpriced. If a client is open to change, toCharge can provide the tools, service, and pricing to help their business succeed.

Jason Wright – Co-Founder & COO at FlashBanc


Transact 16 mage - 4Short Bio:

Jason Wright – COO & Co-Founder of FlashBanc, LLC has been a successful entrepreneur for most of his adult life. At his core, he is passionate about people and is the consummate professional. He has over 20 years of sales and finance experience that has allowed him to build and manage multiple organizations. One of those organizations, FlashBanc, a two-time, INC. 5000 organization is a technology based solutions company providing integrated payments for thousands of companies across the United States. FlashBanc has been using IRIS for over 2 years and have watched our business grow significantly through what has been an amazing partnership with Dimitri and his team at IRIS CRM.

Ideal business relationship:

Relationships are everything! This is core to what I believe. I believe every introduction or chance meeting is an opportunity to develop a healthy and productive relationship. Focus on developing and maintaining healthy productive relationships and great things will follow regardless of what industry you are in or what industry the other side of the relationship is in. An ideal client or business associate is any individual or firm where I can have a healthy dialogue and productive partnership!

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April 15th at 12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PT


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