Unassign User With Status Age Trigger

Unassign User With Status Age Trigger

A new lead comes in and is automatically assigned to a rep to start working. One day passes… then another… a full week goes by and the lead’s status still hasn’t changed. IRIS CRM allows you to automatically assign another user to work the lead, however, the initial user remains assigned – until now! Automatically unassign users with our newest Status Age Trigger

You’ll never close a deal with a lead if the assigned user doesn’t engage with them and update their status. Using Status Age Triggers to reassign leads bolsters the management of your funnel to give your organization a better chance at closing more deals. 

By automatically removing users with Status Age Triggers in combination with the trigger for assigning users, you’re able to ensure leads progress while making it clear who should be working on them. Automated user assignment can be configured for an entire user class so users get assigned in round-robin fashion to fairly and consistently assign leads. Create as many triggers as you need for a status so leads continue to be reassigned according to the duration of time a lead is stuck in a status.

Automating this process helps your team manage leads without the necessary manual clean up of removing assigned users who aren’t actively engaged with the lead. Your management team also gains peace-of-mind knowing that you have workflows in place to proactively update leads so they are more likely to progress through your deal funnel. 


Configure Status Age Trigger to Unassign User

Step 1: Add/Edit Status Triggers

Under Manage > Administration, navigate to Status States & Triggers either in the Quick Access Menu or under Leads:

IRIS CRM Admin Page


Then, click Add/Remove Statuses on the category with the status you’re configuring the trigger for:

Edit Status Trigger


Find the specific status to add the status trigger for and click Configure Status Triggers:

Configure Status Age Triggers


Click Add New Trigger in the top right to create a completely new trigger or click the pencil icon to edit an existing trigger:

Add New Status Trigger


Step 2: Create Unassign User Trigger

To configure the new trigger, check the box next to Unassign Users:

Unassign User Status Trigger


Once checked, select which user class(es) to unassign after the Age Threshold has been reached. This will remove any users in the selected user class that are assigned to leads with the lead status you are adding the trigger to. 

Select User Classes to Unassign


Configure the Age Threshold based on when you want the user to be unassigned. The threshold can be set for minutes, hours, or days so you can tailor it to your specific needs. 

Status Age Threshold


Select the Count Business Days Only checkbox to only factor in business days for the trigger. If unselected, weekends will be counted towards the Age Threshold.

Count Business Days Only


After you’ve selected the desired user class(es) and set your Age Threshold , click Add:

Add Status Age Trigger


Step 3: View Status Triggers

Once you have added a Status Age Trigger, it will be displayed under the respective trigger type. Unassign User Classes triggers are displayed at the bottom of the page:

Status Age Trigger List


IRIS CRM offers numerous ways to automate workflows for your merchant services business including status triggers, processor-integrated reporting, and much more. Schedule a demo with our team today to learn how IRIS CRM can improve your organization’s efficiency.

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