Understanding What Zapier Can Do When Integrated with IRIS CRM

Understanding What Zapier Can Do When Integrated with IRIS CRM

Customer resource management is all about making sales and operations more efficient by automating what you can and supercharging the effectiveness of the rest. IRIS CRM does it better than anyone, bringing lead management, email and scheduling, billing and payments, marketing, and much more into a single platform. It even includes an industry-leading power dialer. But what if you could take IRIS CRM’s ability to streamline operations and boost productivity and apply it to everything you do, and every app you use. 

With IRIS CRM’s new Zapier CRM integration, you can!


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a revolutionary web-based service that enables end-users to integrate almost any web application they use, creating a cross-platform tie that allows everything to work together seamlessly. Its goal is to help users automate as much of their tedious daily busywork as they can, since, as Zapier puts it, “computers should do more work.”

It’s a powerful application, as it basically enables IRIS CRM users to extend the platform’s capabilities to bring all of their work into the CRM, enabling them to put the benefits they’ve long enjoyed from IRIS CRM to work in new and exciting ways. 


What Are Some Platforms Zapier Can Integrate Into IRIS CRM?

The list seems almost endless, as Zapier can connect lover 1,500 web-based applications, but there are some notable and popular applications that IRIS users can leverage to really take their customer resource management to the next level. 

Project Management:

Zapier enables IRIS CRM to be integrated with top project management applications like Trello, Jira, Basecamp, and dozens of others. These project management integrations are especially useful for companies that run complex time-based projects. 


Zapier integrates with all of the most widely-used accounting software, from QuickBooks Online to ZohoBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Wave, and more. No matter what web-based accounting software you’re currently using, Zapier and IRIS CRM can bring everything together into one seamless package. 

Social Media Management:

Social media management is a messy task when handled manually, requiring multiple accounts and platforms to be managed simultaneously. IRIS CRM and Zapier make it easy by enabling the integration of apps like Zoho Social, Sprout, Social Pilot, Rebrandly and many others. 

Team Collaboration:

While IRIS CRM already comes with a powerful internal chat client, many companies already operate on well-established team collaboration and chat channels. With Zapier, you can integrate over 30 team collaboration platforms into IRIS CRM, including Slack, Discord. Microsoft Teams, Google Groups, and more. 

Microsoft Tools:

Is there any software more ubiquitous than Microsoft’s Office suite? With IRIS CRM and Zapier, your office staff can integrate the full host of Microsoft Office 365 products right into your customer resource management platform, enabling them to tie in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and even LinkedIn. 


These are just a few examples of the many categories of software and individual platforms that Zapier enables you to integrate directly with IRIS CRM. In total, Zapier supports over 1500 applications, making the Zapier-IRIS CRM marriage one of the most powerful business-wide productivity solutions currently available today. 

For more information on the many built-in productivities and sales tools included with IRIS CRM, and how Zapier allows you to expand that tool list in almost any way you can imagine, sign up for your free demonstration of the platform today!

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