Unified Lead & Helpdesk File Management

Unified Lead & Helpdesk File Management

After several feature requests and numerous weeks of work, IRIS CRM is thrilled to announce multiple new features for improving file management within your CRM. These improvements include:

  • Helpdesk Files Linked to Lead Records
  • Editing File Names and Labels
  • Helpdesk File Permissions

Helpdesk Files Linked to Lead Records

Previously when a file was uploaded to a Helpdesk ticket, it would remain there and only there. Now, once a file is uploaded to a ticket, it will be added to the linked lead record and displayed in the lead’s Attachments tab. It will also be shown on the merchant record if the ticket or lead has an associated merchant account. 

By linking Helpdesk files to the associated lead, important documents will no longer get lost in long-forgotten Helpdesk tickets or require searching a multitude of tickets to assist a merchant. 

It will be easy to tell which files in a lead’s Attachments came from Helpdesk tickets as they will be automatically given the file label “Ticket Attachment”.

Edit File Names and Labels

Your next question may be, “But what if it’s an important document like an MPA that should be labeled as such since it’s not possible to edit the file name or label?” Now it is possible! You no longer have to worry about uploading files with the correct file name or label, going forward you can edit both. The file name and label can be edited from the Attachments section of the lead, or within the Helpdesk ticket where the file was uploaded. 

Being able to edit these characteristics will save users the headache of having to re-upload files with updated names and labels if they were inaccurate when initially added. It will simply be a couple of clicks away, making it easier to make corrections which will help users keep data consistent and accurate within your CRM. 

Helpdesk File Permissions

Now that all files will flow between Helpdesk tickets and leads, you might be concerned about who has access to the files and which actions they can perform on them. Our final big enhancement is the option to apply file label permissions to Helpdesk ticket files.

This means that if only administrators are allowed to delete files with the label “MPA” through the document label permissions, an MPA that is uploaded to a ticket will only be able to be deleted by a user with administrator permissions. These permissions can also be applied for uploading and downloading files to/from tickets. 

Utilizing the existing permissions for labels will improve the consistency of permissions across your CRM to ensure the appropriate level of file access for each of your users.

Click here to read more about how files, labels, and their permissions work within IRIS CRM.


How Our New File Management Features Work

Helpdesk Files Linked to Lead Records

Step 1: Upload a File to a Helpdesk Ticket

Upload a file of any type to a Helpdesk ticket with a lead or merchant linked:

Helpdesk File Attachment

Step 2: View the Lead’s Attachments Tab

Open the lead record linked to the ticket either by searching in global search or clicking the DBA in the For section of the ticket that you just created:

Helpdesk Ticket's Associated Lead

Step 3: Navigate to the Attachments Tab

Once you’ve opened the linked lead for the ticket, find the Attachments tab. You will see the file(s) you uploaded to the Helpdesk Ticket. Note that the label is Ticket Attachment:

Lead Attachments Tab with Helpdesk File

File Management: Edit File Names and Labels

Files are editable from the Attachments tab of the lead page as well as from Helpdesk tickets. In the process below, we use the lead Attachments for our examples as the process is the same for editing files in either location. An example of editing a file from the Helpdesk is provided in the last step. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Attachments Tab of a Lead

Start by navigating to the lead tab where the files are that you want to update:

Lead Attachments Tab

Step 2: Click the Pencil Icon to Edit

Click on the pencil icon to edit the file:

Lead Attachment Edit Icons

Step 3: Update the File Name and/or Label

Edit the text of the file name or select a different document label for the attachment: 

Edit Lead File

Step 4: Save Changes

Click save after making changes to apply the updates. The information displayed in the attachments section will automatically be updated so you don’t need to refresh the page: 

Save Lead File Edits

The same steps can be applied to files on Helpdesk tickets. Open a ticket, go to the Files section, click the Edit icon, make your changes, and Save:

Helpdesk File Editing

View File Revisions

You can easily view the changes that have been made since a file was originally uploaded by clicking the icon next to the file label:

Lead File Revision History Icon

The icon will open a pop-up with information about the file name and/or label change history, when it was made, and who it was made by:

Lead File Change History


Helpdesk File Permissions

Step 1: Navigate to Document Label Settings

Go to Manage > Administration to find the Label Settings. You can either search Labels or find it under Documents on the navigation menu on the left side of the page; click to open the settings:

Label Selection in Administration Page

Step 2: Edit the Label Permissions

Click on the Permissions button for the label you want to set permissions for:

Label Permissions

You can add a new permission at the top which can be set per User, User Class, or Group: 

Add New Label Permission

To specify which file source to factor in to the permission check, select Limit To which now includes Helpdesk Files:

New Label Permission Settings

In order to set the permissions, click the X to change the permission to allowed which is indicated by . To prevent a user from being able to perform the action, leave as X or click to toggle it back:

New Label Permission Configuration

Click + to add the new permission:

Add New File Label Permission

You can also edit existing permissions by clicking on the or X to toggle between allowed or not allowed, respectively:

Edit Existing File Label Permissions

Step 3: Save the Label Permissions

Once you’ve added and/or edited all of the permissions you wanted to, click Save Permissions at the bottom right of the screen:

Save File Label Permissions

Now, users will be allowed to or prevented from downloading, uploading, and deleting files based on the permissions you’ve set, providing greater control over file access within your CRM.

These three new file management features will unify the behavior of files uploaded to your CRM making it easier for users to work leads and service merchants as well as provide greater consistency to the data in your CRM.


If you’re interested in a better way to manage files and helpdesk requests for your leads and merchants, sign up for a guided demonstration of the leading payments industry CRM today!

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