Updated Email History Page – IRIS CRM

Updated Email History Page – IRIS CRM

IRIS CRM Feature Enhancement


IRIS CRM is excited to announce a complete update to the Email History page (formerly known as the Email Queue).

You now have enhanced search and filter capabilities, and the page loads and updates in seconds.



To navigate to Email History go to Manage > Administration > View Email History




You are able to filter sent emails down to the minute and within any specific date range.



You can also search by various filters such as Subject, Message, To, and From. To and From filters includes recipients that were cc’d or bcc’d and looks at the name and email address.

This will allow you to find any emails users have sent and easily see your teams email activity. You can also export this table to run external calculations if needed.




You can click on any row and view the email that was sent. If there was an attachment you can download it. If it was opened you will see the time and date.




For questions regarding this feature please contact us or email support@iriscrm.com

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