The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Call Center Software

Call Center Software

Utilizing a call center is one of the best ways to generate profit in selling credit card processing services. However, much of the software used by call centers today is slow, outdated, or just plain annoying to use, resulting in less-than-optimal sales performance. IRIS is here to help, with an integrated phone system that will help you produce great results from your call center. Here’s a look some features of our call center software.

Cloud-Based Contact Center

A major downfall of current call center systems is that they quickly grow outdated and obsolete. The IRIS Dialer uses a cloud-based contact center, allowing you to scale your call center cost-effectively and always maintain high security and dependability. Working with the cloud means that you’ll always be on the cutting-edge of technology. Your call center won’t become outdated or obsolete any time soon, and all it takes to get started is a USB headset!

Local Presence Dialing

Many people ignore calls from numbers that start with “1-800” or “888,” taking away the opportunity to generate sales right from the start. The IRIS Dialer uses a dynamic caller ID, meaning that a local area code is displayed based on the outbound number’s area code. For example, if the outbound number uses a “718” area code, your area code will also be displayed as “718.” Using a local presence can increase your contact rate by up to 400%!

Enhanced Software Capabilities 

With a single click, your reps can initiate calls from leads while managers listen in on live calls. No more wasted time dialing numbers, which means more time on the phone with potential customers! Record calls for later review or use for training and instructional purposes. The IRIS system also allows ISO owners to view the number of calls and talk time produced by their teams, granting a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your call center.

If you’re ready to upgrade your call center software, generate more customers, and save more time and money, contact us today!

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