User Management Now Available With Users API

User Management Now Available With Users API

IRIS CRM is thrilled to share that we have expanded our REST API capabilities to include a dedicated Users API section with several new commands that allow clients the ability to completely manage their users via API with all of the data they’re accustomed to in the user interface. 

You can leverage the new Users API functionality to mass add or update users quickly or to connect external systems such as your HR software to automate user creation when you’ve onboarded a new employee to make user management easier and more flexible than before. 

In our API documentation you will now see a dedicated Users section with 5 new commands for managing users. There are 3 GET commands that can be used to return the full list of your Users, User Classes, and User Groups. We have also added a POST command (Create a User) and PATCH command (Get a User). These allow you to create new users and update existing users, respectively. 

When creating new users or updating existing users, the API allows you to update all of the fields and data that you have access to through the user interface. This includes linking who the user Reports To, Manages, and Manages Calendar For as well as configuring the user’s splits and linking them to merchants. 



Existing clients can contact our Support Team with any questions about how to use our API functionality. We hope the expanded API functionality to manage your users allows you to further streamline workflows and increase your organizations efficiency!



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