Web Form Enhancements May 2023

Web Form Enhancements

IRIS CRM (an NMI company) is excited to announce the latest round of enhancements to our Web Forms functionality that will save users time and reduce the effort required from merchants.

We have added new features that include generating a Web Form based on an E-Sign document, sending existing leads forms with their data pre-filled and a home page widget with summary data of all Web Form activity. 

Save your administrators time when building new forms by having it automatically created using the selected E-Signature PDF. Your CRM will automatically create the form’s structure based on the lead tabs where fields appear on the lead record. The fields you mapped in our PDF Mapper will also be automatically mapped to the form so you only have to do the drag-and-drop process once. 

You can now send leads a form that is pre-filled with the data you already have for them. When viewing a lead, use our new Web Form lead tab to select the form you want to send and it will automatically populate their lead data from mapped fields to the form and the linked E-Sign document. 

This will reduce or even eliminate the need for the merchant to fill in additional data. They will simply review the data that’s been pre-filled, submit the form and, if applicable, complete the E-Sign. By further reducing the effort required from the merchant, the speed of agreement completion, submitting for underwriting and enabling payment processing will be reduced so you realize revenue faster than before.  

You can now track all Web Form activity using our new Web Form Status Dashboard widget. Similar to our E-Sign widget, track the status of Web Forms to ensure your team follows up with merchants to complete the application process so they move through your sales pipeline faster. 

Keep reading or check out the video below to learn how to leverage the new Web Form enhancements to further increase your team’s efficiency:



If you’re new to IRIS CRM’s Web Form functionality, you can also watch our initial Web Form Walkthrough which covers the basics of getting started with Web Forms. We also have a demo of how to include E-Sign on your Web Forms. Please contact the IRIS CRM Support Team with any questions. 

Generate Web Form Using E-Sign Document

Don’t want to manually create a new form and drag-and-drop your lead fields again? No need, IRIS CRM can do it for you. When creating a new form, select an E-Signature Document and check the “Generate From Attached E-Sign Documents” box. 

Generate From Attached E-Sign Apps


Based on the lead tabs that fields from the E-Sign are mapped to, IRIS CRM will automatically create sections on the form with the lead fields added already so you only have to map fields once when you initially do your PDF mapping. 

Auto Generated Web Form


You can still change the structure of the form and move your fields around if you want to after it’s auto-generated, just like you would with any other form – you’re in full control. 

Send Form To Lead With Data Pre-Filled

The most exciting update in this round of Web Form enhancements is the ability to send a lead a form to complete with the data you already have for them pre-filled. 

To get started, navigate to the Manage page and select Manage Lead Fields. This can be accessed directly from the expanded Manage menu in v2. Once on the Manage Lead Fields page, click Add New Lead Tab. Name the new tab and select Web Forms as the tab type. You can choose which section of the lead it will appear, it will default to the main section which is Top Left, and make sure the tab is set as Visible. Finally, click Add. Drag the tab to move it into the tab order that you want. 


You will now see your new Web Forms tab on your lead records so you can begin sending forms directly to your leads. You will notice the tab looks and functions similarly to E-Sign.


To send your lead a Web Form, expand the Select Web Form dropdown and choose the form you want to send. If you have multiple default value templates associated with a form, the name of the default value template will be appended to the form name and you will see multiple options for the form, one for each default value. 


After selecting a form, click Generate. Similar to our E-Sign functionality, this will open up an email window where you can update the template being used or make adjustments to the text. 


You will need to have the Application URL email variable added to the email template you are using in order for the user to receive the link to the web form. When editing an email template you can add this field by typing “@Application URL” in the place you want the link to show or click the Insert Field button in the text editor and search for “Application URL”. 

Application URL Variable


Finish the process by clicking Send Email so your lead can continue their application process. Any updates they make in the form will automatically update their lead record to ensure the data you have is accurate while avoiding any manual work for your users. 

You are able to see a history of all of the web forms created for the lead in the Web Forms tab to track activity, including the status. You can also resend forms to help encourage the merchant to complete the application process. 

Web Form Lead Activity

Web Form Home Page Widget

Not only can you see the status of forms you’ve sent on individual leads, but we’ve also added a new Web Forms widget to the home page where you can see aggregated Web Form activity. This widget functions exactly like the E-Sign widget with a summary of forms sent based on the created date and current status.

Web Forms Home Widget 


To add this widget, navigate to Manage > Home Page > Home Tabs. You can add this to an existing tab or create a new tab. Click Add New Component, then search for and select Web Form Status Dashboard and click Add. 


You can control which columns are displayed by default and their order. This can also be controlled by the user on the widget using the gear icon. 


With the combination of these three enhancements, you can better manage your web forms and increase the efficiency of merchants completing agreements that you’ve sent to get them processing faster than before. 


If you are not currently an IRIS CRM customer and want to learn more about how our Web Forms make data collection and signing agreements easier and more efficient, schedule a demo with our team.

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