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Why Experience Is Overrated

The Mission Newsletter, 11/1/18

“The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one’s life.” -C.S. Lewis

Hot Off The Press…

A Seven-Time CIO’s Advice for First Time CIOs: An Interview with Mark Settle

“If you’re a first time CIO, you sometimes feel like you have to prove you are the smartest person in the room. That’s not going to lead to much insight from other folks in the room. You have to be disciplined not always to have the first word or control the last topic on any debate.”

Ways to Reprogram a Negative Mindset

“Experience is overrated. Some people say they have twenty years’ experience, when, in reality, they only have one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.”

6 Things You Need to Recover From Every Day

“Being busy and being productive are far from the same thing. Most people are trying to do too much. The desire to ‘keep up’ has them doing more, living less, and deceiving themselves into believing they’ve actually made progress.”

How to Build a Global University

Episode 12 of Education Trends

After a career in tech, Tom Delaney found his way to NYU where he helped turn the institution into one of the first and most-successful global universities.

Listen to the episode on Google Play or Apple Podcasts.

News That Matters:

Ate tons of Halloween candy and still feeling hangry? Your emotions are to blame.

Achieve career goals faster by getting FIT — also known as Functional Imagery Training.

Didn’t get enough spooks last night? Scare yourself silly with these 13 terrifying ads.

REI gave the University of Washington $1 million to study the benefits of being outside.

#ThrowbackThursday: On this day in 1512, the Sistine Chapel ceiling opened to the public.

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