Whether you’re an ISO or a merchant, chargebacks are costly to you in more ways than one. First and foremost, they cost you money. But, when they get out of hand, they also damage your reputation with the card companies and create a perception of risk that you don’t want hanging over your business. Traditionally, fighting and beating chargebacks has been a chore. But today, thanks to IRIS CRM Dispute Responder, winning dispute cases is easier than ever. The following is a quick overview of how you can use Dispute Responder to beat a new chargeback in five simple steps, without any of the headaches or friction points that traditionally plague dispute response. 


Step 1: Get Notified

When a chargeback occurs, Dispute Responder will send you an instant notification by email and, in the case of IRIS CRM ISO users, an on-screen notification as well. As a result, you’ll be aware of the dispute from the second the response clock starts ticking, maximizing the time you have to file a successful response. If, for any reason, you miss the notification or don’t take action, you’ll also get reminders 24 hours and 72 hours later. That’s a far cry from the traditional mail-based notification system that can eat up a week or more of your response window, potentially costing you a loss.

Dispute Responder Benefit: Never run out of time on the clock. 


Step 2: Know Your Dispute

Now that you know a chargeback has been filed, you need to begin the response process, and that starts with knowing what the dispute is about and what you need to do to beat it. Traditionally, figuring that out would be all on you. Unsurprisingly, many merchants get it wrong and end up losing the case needlessly. With Dispute Responder, the reason code for the chargeback will be analyzed by the system and made clear to you. Better still, the system will automatically build you an action checklist laying out exactly what information you need to provide the card company in order to beat the chargeback. With Dispute Responder, there is no guesswork involved.

Dispute Responder Benefit: Crystal-clear guidance on what evidence is required to win. 


Step 3: Build Your Case

Once you know what evidence you need to send in, it’s time to start compiling everything into an air-tight defense. Because Dispute Responder is entirely web-based, you can pull in all the documents you need digitally, with no need to print, fax, or scan anything. If you’re an ISO, you can even step in and take over the case on behalf of the merchant, pulling as much of the documentation as possible from within the CRM and ensuring everything is done properly. That not only represents a fast, easy way to ensure disputes are decided favorably for you and your merchants, it also represents a great value-added service you can sell as an upgrade.

Dispute Responder Benefit: No physical paperwork is required – handle the entire process digitally through the CRM. 


Step 4: Submit Your Defense

Once your evidence is compiled and uploaded to Dispute Responder, you can submit it directly to the processor and card companies with a single click, eliminating the need to mail anything, saving time, and ensuring your response is received and accepted.

Dispute Responder Benefit: Instant submission with immediate confirmation of acceptance.


Step 5: Monitor Your Progress

Once a dispute response has been filed, the work isn’t necessarily done. Even well-prepared defenses sometimes require supplementary information, and when more documentation is requested, all the problems involved with traditional dispute management creep up all over again. But, with Dispute Responder, you can easily monitor the status of ongoing cases and receive instant notification every time a case is updated. So, whether you get the win or a request for more information, you’ll know right away. You can also use Dispute Responder’s analytics dashboard to review the details of all your historical disputes as well – a great way to identify patterns and look for ways to stop future chargebacks before they happen.

Dispute Responder Benefit: Complete situational awareness of ongoing and historical cases. 


With a timely and accurate response filed, you’ll stand an excellent chance of beating the chargeback and saving your business revenue that would have otherwise been lost. And, because Dispute Responder is designed for convenience, you’ll have done it all in less time and with fewer headaches than any dispute response you’ve ever filed before. Whether you’re a merchant or an ISO, having Dispute Responder watching your back is the ideal way to minimize the losses and other consequences that come with lost disputes. 

To find out more about how Dispute Responder can help your business beat more chargebacks, schedule a free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM today.