Worldpay Security Risks Found

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Electronic Payments Breaking News: Worldpay security risks have been found with their electronic payment gateway set-up, as well as other trouble spots that have been outlined by security firms globally. Poor security seals on credit card details have been cited by a security researcher, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watchers in the technology industry are blasting Worldpay openly for the potential operational vulnerabilities that have been analyzed by top experts. There is a long list of issues that have Worldpay under fire and action of some sort is expected.

Specifically it is the Worldpay merchant portal that has drawn heavy criticism, and the world’s eyes are on Worldpay’s response to industry concerns. “Multiple vulnerabilities” have been targeted by Randy Westergren, a top security researcher. And coincidently, it is far from a new concern over compliance issues with accepted standards in this realm of payment gateway technology. And, the new situation arising from this analysis is far from over.

Found at risk were credit card authentication details from transaction on Worldpay sites leave vulnerable information such as the last four digits of credit card numbers being exposed to anyone who wants to look at them. Serious issues with experienced attackers can result from such easily obtainable information. Attackers who target these transactions can also find other forms within the portal to steal information from easily, if they really know how to hack a system. Increasing skill of attackers make this a red flag that needs serious attention in today’s online world. For more information about the CRM industry contact us today!

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