You can have your chicken and your egg, too.

The Mission Newsletter, 9/13/18

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” — Plato

This is INSANE!

Researchers have successfully printed a 3-D prototype for a bionic eye. A 3-D eyeball! That goes inside your head socket!

This team’s track record isn’t something to blink at either. Last year, they printed a bionic ear and bionic skin.

“They have 3D printed life-like artificial organs for surgical practice, electronic fabric that could serve as ‘bionic skin,’ electronics directly on a moving hand, and cells and scaffolds that could help people living with spinal cord injuries regain some function.”

News That Matters

Practically genius.

Those darn researchers have done it again! This is a thrilling time to be alive! Scientists now believe adult brain performance surges in the summer and fall.

“We found that older adults with and without dementia have better thinking and concentration in the late summer and early fall than in the winter and spring.”

Aka you’re smarter when the sun’s out. Aka right now, in this moment, you’re the smartest you’ll be for the next nine months. Sit down, write your novel. Be a hero.

Once upon a time (in real life).

Masayoshi Son had $93 billion.
Mr. Son wanted to “unleash a new era of innovation.”
Mr. Son founded Japan’s SoftBank technology fund.
Mr. Son invested in all these companies:

Mr. Son’s life motto is YOLO. Really.

“‘We only live once, so I want to think big. I have no intention of making small bets,’ the 59-year-old entrepreneur told investors in May. ‘My life really starts from here.’”

We’ve been lied to.

The chicken and the egg both come first. Physicists at the University of Queensland and the NEEL Institute have shown, through quantum mechanics, events can happen outside a set order. The theory is called indefinite causal order and chickens feel cheated.

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Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook walk into a bar.

What started as a 12-month strategic shift away from original programming has culminated in the launch of Vimeo’s stock video marketplace. ’Cause agile is everything and original content is hard, yo. The brand insists this new model allows them to partner with YouTube, Facebook, and Google and eliminates the threat of competition. They’re just here to help creators make cooler stuff. In fact, they’re offering creators a 70% split of stock video sales, rather than the industry standard of 35%.

Kids these days aren’t like in the movies.

74% of college students are “nontraditional,” says Alexandria Walton Radford, who heads up postsecondary education research at RTI International. They have a child, they’re financially independent, they don’t have a standard high school diploma, they are going to school part-time, or they have a full-time gig. Some might even be all of the above. The new normal is no normal and that’s a normal way of looking at the world.

The Best of What We Are Re-Playing

To celebrate 100 episodes, The Mission Daily is re-releasing our first ten-part series on accelerated learning! For those who’ve listened to us from the start, it’s a good opportunity to revisit these important tips for how to be a better you. For those who are new to TMD, this series provides a great jumping on point and education into what, exactly, accelerated learning is.

In this episode, Chad and Ian talk about the importance of direct experience and why you need to start living your own life, and not life as experienced through someone else’s filter.

Listen to Episode 102 of The Mission Daily.

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