You Can Now Search Lead Notes in IRIS CRM!

Search Lead Notes

Lead notes are an important part of tracking information about your leads in IRIS CRM – now you can easily find the note you’re looking for using Lead Note Search!

Lead notes track everything from user comments to appointment updates to email activity and much more. Between user and system notes, the number of notes can add up quickly making it challenging for a user to navigate to relevant information that will allow them to work the lead from the current stage they’re in. Now, users can simply use the search bar above the notes to easily find what they’re looking for. As you type, the list of notes will update to show only the matching results. 

Search Lead Notes

The new search functionality supports several parameters to look for. You can search by the text in the note, the name of the user who posted, or the date of the note which means narrowing down the list of notes takes only a moment. Use search in combination with filters for even more specific results. For example, if you’re working a lead with a colleague, select “User” as the note filter and then search for their name to see the notes they’ve posted on the lead to block out the noise of system notes. 

Search Lead Notes User

When searching by date, use the format MM/DD/YYYY. The tooltip to the right of the search field provides this note about date formatting in order to help users:

Search Lead Notes Tooltip

Users will save time and frustration by entering their search rather than scrolling through an endless amount of system and user notes. Utilizing search will help users to spend less time looking for information and more time selling which benefits them and the organization as a whole. 

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