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IRIS CRM: Zapier Playbooks To Sell More Merchant Accounts

ZAPIER: Automatic Triggers Are the First Step in Automation

Automatic Triggers Are the First Step in Automation

What is an automatic trigger?

An automation trigger is an initial input that kicks off the activation of an automated workflow. In a sense, an automation trigger is, quite literally, the first step in automation. Automation triggers can kick off an entire automated process in response to web-based, email-based, manual, or application-based input.

With modern-day software automation, businesses are taking advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) and serverless computing to innovate their processes and rapidly grow their businesses.

In practice, the more APIs that are connected to a system, the more automated time-sensitive business tasks and processes become.  Embracing workflow automation helps employees become significantly more efficient.  Automation frees up time from manual tasks, rapidly improves sales cycles, and reduces the chance for errors to occur.


APIs: The Model T Assembly Line Equivalent of the 21st Century

The assembly line process, that originated from the automotive industry, was a revolutionary concept for factories.  Using a series of specialized processes and machines, factories executed processes using sequences that were performed at unprecedented speed.  Using an assembly line concept, factories became extremely cost-efficient while producing a high output of their final items to meet customer demand.

A modern version of the assembly line is workflow automation.  Workflow automation executes steps in order just like a traditional assembly line, using interconnected software.

In order for software applications to be effective, a wide variety of integrated APIs is required.  API integrations are labor-intensive, require maintenance, and upkeep.  Speaking from experience, the more integrations that IRIS CRM is required to have as dictated by the voice of our customers, the more resources are required.

By integrating a workflow automation platform like Zapier that is packed with pre-built APIs into IRIS CRM, customers are able to instantly use popular tools from within IRIS CRM that are not created by IRIS CRM.

Interconnecting major software modules available through Zapier with IRIS CRM opens a world of opportunities for our customers.  Customers are able to share important data through APIs, such as lead lists, customer information, and execute processes that would not ordinarily exist within IRIS CRM itself.


Why Choose to Integrate IRIS CRM into the Zapier Marketplace?

The Zapier marketplace is a platform that consists of thousands of pre-integrated apps.  IRIS CRM’s development team connected our internal API with Zapier’s API so that our customers are able to access a smorgasbord of features available through Zapier who acts as the conduit.

As a result of the IRIS CRM integration with Zapier, customers can enable automated workflows that can be constructed using a visual editor to deliver and receive data through thousands of pre-built software integrations with the most popular tools on the internet.

An automated workflow is a series of automated steps that have a conditional start, known as a trigger when executed will fire one or more actions automatically in a sequence, until the desired action is reached.  Triggers and actions often use “if, then” logic to carry out sequential steps as part of their workflows. Most automated workflows contain these steps:

3 Steps

Forget Abracadabra Because Our Magic Word of the Day is “Delay”

Workflows that connect IRIS CRM to Zapier have a magical feature called Delay.  Delay is both a feature and a tool that will literally wait forever until a trigger occurs and then automatically perform the next action in your sequence.  The delay can be set to wait for minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even a custom time.

Take a look at more information about Delay here:

Delay is a workhorse that never sleeps and helps everyone else sleep better at night.  Delay is the reason why we call Workflows an assembly line of the 21st century.

The analogy for Workflows Using Delay:

In this analogy, the trigger is “the event”, a delay is a tool used to wait patiently until the “the random time of day” occurs when the event is detected, the action is the sequences of actions following the event.

Imagine that you work in a warehouse where the most profitable event in an assembly line needs an immediate action response in order to generate maximum profit.  The event happens completely randomly at different times of the day, only occurs once a day, and takes one second to notice.  If you miss this one second, an entire day of waiting begins to get the next opportunity.  The only way to know every time when the event occurs requires a tool that has a sensor specifically designed to detect the event.  Once the event is detected, any sets of actions can be executed to complete the process.


IRIS CRM Now Provides Access To Popular and Classic Applications

Through Zapier, IRIS CRM customers can connect to functions found in thousands of applications without having to write a single line of code.  Imagine a world of new features served to our customers on a silver platter without hiring developers or investing in IT.  Drag and drop, click a few drop-downs and your workflow is now on autopilot.

Visit Zapier for a full list of pre-integrated apps sorted by their category:

Visit Zapier for a full list of pre-integrated apps

Using IRIS CRM & Zapier to Solve Real-World Problems

Has a client ever asked you if IRIS CRM had a certain feature that we did not?  Through IRIS CRM’s integration with Zapier, you can now say yes to having access to more than 1,500 application integrations to delight our clients. By always checking the Zapier app marketplace to solve a task in a workflow IRIS CRM is able to deliver functionality requests as soon as a problem surfaces. We know that you are determined to find solutions for clients because you always want to be the best.  Solve problems instantly without writing a single line of code.  Zapier’s growing list of integrated apps is a powerful tool. Zapier gives you many possibilities to say yes.


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